Winter Home Design: Living Room

It is December at long last. What does that mean exactly? It means that we are officially in the winter season, one of the most joyful and cheerful times of the year! In order to really bask in the season, you may want to take a piece of it home with you, decoratively speaking that is. Embrace the winter season, hone it, and let it invoke a feeling in your interior design. So how do you make your home feel like a refined winter wonderland? We’ll dive into that now, focusing first on how to doll up your living room.



As you may know from prior blogs, there is a first element to every design palette to be considered before anything else enters the equation. We’re talking about your color scheme. But, before you go crazy with the colors, think base layer. Take influence from the outdoors and sport some white in your space. Start by considering white paint for your walls as a good base. It is neutral, clean looking, and indicative of winter. Next, do a little bit of charcoal or a gradient of light to dark gray in other pockets of your space, and you will find everything to be tastefully balanced.

Now, add some zings of color to the mix and watch everything come to life! For color inspiration, especially in the winter time with a myriad of holidays, one of your best bets is to draw influence from those days of celebration. Although there are many, one scheme that is very closely associated with the winter is that of Christmas, so we’ll use that holiday as an example, but feel free to use colors that you attribute to winter! As part of the Christmas color scheme, reds, greens, and modest gold accents will do your decor a lot of good! So give it a go!


Wood Elements

Seasonal decor takes a lot of influence from the outdoors being brought inside. And winter, being the beautiful, picturesque season that it is, is no different. As the lovely colorful Autumn leaves dropped off, we were left with incredible, figurine looking trees all around! Take the wood grain look that you see all around your home’s exterior and bring it inside. Customize picture frames with adhered tree branch pieces, devise wall art, cut coasters, build candle sconces, and more as a means of bringing the wooded outdoor look into your home. To check out more cool ideas, check out Pinterest to find loads of great projects to bring the woodsy vibe to your living room decor!



So there are some things about the winter season that you want to bring into your home. However, there is one thing in particular about the winter that you do not want to invite inside. The cold can stay in its place! While the weather is frightful outside, make your interior a warm environment, both in temperature and in decor aesthetics. To bring some warmth into your living space, start by looking down. Thick, plush rugs in your living space are surefire way to bring some comfort and visual appeal to accommodate the needs for the season as well as the look and feel of Winter!



Speaking of warmth, come winter time, your fireplace assumes the role of focal point within your living space! Start by simply taking advantage of the fireplace. You have one, it’s cold outside, what other convincing do you need? This will immediately make your living area feel more comfortable and cozy!

Now take that mantle and deck it out too! When it comes to decorating your mantle for the Winter season, wreaths are definitely your best friend. They are easy, quick setup, but have a really big impact on the look of your space. Use strand wreaths to drape across your mantle and then find a circular wreath that you find will look great hanging above the rest. Add ornaments if seen fit, and naturally, throw some candles into the ensemble, and your mantle will really sing and pull everything else in your space together to create the perfect Winter wonder in your living space. To get more mantle design ideas, check out HGTV for more!



Now that everything else in your living space is dolled up and ready to showcase the feels of the season, you’re going to need something to sit back in, relax, and take in all of your wonderful Winter decor. Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet has just the thing for you! The Tulen Chocolate Reclining Sofa and Loveseat by Signature Design by Ashley will look great in your space and feel great to collapse in for many evenings of Winter relaxation time spent indoors. You can’t go wrong with these pieces, and they will prove to be the perfect furnishings for your Winter living space.



In conclusion, Winter is not coming, it is already upon us! Take advantage of the beautiful season, harness it, and make it part of your home for your comfort and joy. Take some of the tips outlined here, run with them, and see what other cool additions you can make within your living space. You’ll be surprised with what you uncover in making your living room incredible. Lastly, and as always, contact Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet with any and all of your home furnishing needs this Winter or anytime of the year!

Designing to Fit Victorian Stylings!

Taking the vision for you home and bringing it to life may seem like a easy, strictly-fun project to take on. While it is a fun process, sometimes the daunting feeling that corresponds with a major home decor overhaul can wipe out any semblance of the excitement that should come from such a design undertaking. Harnessing the picture you have in your head of how you want your home to look and feel is not easy. But we’re here to help! Right now, we’ll break down the very popular Victorian home design style to show you the elements necessary to achieve the look you desire. Let’s dive in shall we?


Wallpaper and Paint

The aesthetics associated with the Victorian design palette are very specific, distinct, and crucial to executing the look. The design style, when implemented into true Victorian architecture homes, typically entails large grandiose walls. Those walls speak volumes in achieving and embodying the vibe. Where there is not paint, there will be wallpaper, and man, will it make a statement!  

With some of the newer styles people may see today, the notion of wallpaper may come across as an immediate NO. However, with Victorian style home decor, the incorporation of wallpaper is not only considered, but it is highly encouraged as part of the design palette. Whether used as a trim for a wall, where it only accounts for the borders and edges of your walls, or is used to cover the entirety of a room’s wall space, elegant, traditional wallpapers are certainly a big piece of the Victorian puzzle. To check out some authentic wallpaper options to see what will work in your home, check out Bradbury here!

Moving on from the wallpaper, let’s consider the paint colors that could be best utilized to strike up a Victorian feel in your home. The first consideration is contrast. You want colors that correspond with each other but in a way that the colors stand out. Next, you want to know how to use these colors together. You want to ensure that you have primary colors that act as the main theme of the color scheme and then supplemental colors that will act as the harmony for your main colors. To get a more in depth idea of how to do this, check out this guide by SF Gate for additional guidance!



One thing that the Victorian design style boasts is an overall feeling of grandeur. The goal is to accomplish a regal, royal feeling for your home. A simple way to make your home feel more grand in this regard is utilizing drapery.  

Let’s start with your windows. What you will want to do is take a look at the wall designs and colors that are present within the space that is being considered for drapes. If your room consists of patterned wallpaper, you will want to consider a more minimalistic look in terms of patterns for the drapes, or else you space may seem too busy. Furthermore, if the primary color or colors used in your space are lighter or darker, you will want to adjust the look of your drapes accordingly so as to not have them stand out too much but also not fade into the background of your wall colors.

Drapes do not have to stop at just your windows. Feel free to use them in doorways and hallways throughout your home or as attention grabbers for art pieces that you adorn on your walls. Doing this will continue that lavish look no matter which spaces you find yourself in. You will be amazed at how great your interior looks with this simple addition!



The Victorian design palette points to another time. In corresponding with this design style, you are pulling influence from times, places, details unlike that of today. With old fashions being such a crucial part of the idea behind victorian design, you will want to take elements from those eras to best execute the look. What’s a good way to accomplish this? Antiques! Antiques will help you add that dash of authenticity to your Victorian home decor unlike anything else. Whether it is a lamp shade, an old side table, a mirror, or anything else, find a way to incorporate it into your style for a cool, unique, and personalized touch.



So far, we have talked a lot about the ways to make your home look great using strictly visual elements. But you’re going to need somewhere to sit, get comfortable and take in your beautiful Victorian surroundings. Some solid seating is what you need to pull it all together, something that feels good and corresponds with the rest of your design. The Hammond Accent Chair by Furniture of America is a great piece to have in your space. Whether as a reading chair for the living room or a vanity seat for your bedroom, this will scream Victorian design in your home!



In conclusion, you want more than anything to make your home feel the way you have always dreamed for it to feel. You have had a vision in mind and it is time to bring it to life! The Victorian style could be what takes your home to the next level! To learn more about this style, the elements that will bring it together, and the furnishings to boot, contact Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet today!

Home Storage Options

You would stop at nothing to ensure that your house is beautiful and a place that you are proud to call home. For you to feel at peace when you look at the inside of your home means achieving the pinnacle of making your place of residence a sanctuary. Making your home interior look put together is a great starting block in this equation! However, we all have a lot of stuff in our homes, and what that means is in order to keep a house looking great, you must know how to practice good storage habits. There are some tons of great ways to do this, from buying in stores to taking the DIY approach. Let’s look at some of the ways you can achieve better storage in your home.


DIY Idea #1

With certain items in our life arsenal, attempts at organizing can end up making for a bigger, more tangled mess in the end. With items like scarves, neck ties, necklaces, and more, there is certainly a more effective way of storing them other than throwing them in a jewelry box or a shelf in the closet. By hanging a pegboard, arranged with hooks for all of your items to be stored, you give yourself a cool, functional, way to organize and showcase your items. Whether, in your bedroom closet, your entryway, or your kitchen as a way to keep cooking utensils in order, this is a fantastic measure to take in order to straighten up your belongings and provide easy access all at once. To learn more about how to easily build and best utilize this DIY project to keep your home organized, check out Lookie What I Did, here!



Storage Piece Idea #1

Sometimes it is not the items in that house that are causing the messes. Sometimes it’s the people in our homes that should be held accountable. We love our children with all our hearts…but when it comes to making messes, they are dang good at what they do! Give them a bedroom setup that will make de-cluttering fun and easy! The Trinell Twin Loft Bed by Signature Design by Ashley is the perfect piece to accomplish this. With storage underneath the bedframe itself, as well as under each step of the ladder into the bed, there is no shortage of storage for your children to put their things. Check it out here, and enjoy clean spaces from your kids.



DIY Idea #2

Sometimes the little things in our lives can prove to make the biggest, most out-of-control clutterers. Then, they go missing because we can’t remember where we left them, and everything from there is a massive stress mess! Find a better way to drop off your mail, keys, wallet, or any other items that you need to store but also be able to access conveniently when needed. By placing cool, mini to mid-sized decorative shelving nooks like the one displayed, you can know exactly where you put your things last, stay organized, and have a good-looking custom piece all at once. Integrate this shelving system in any room in your house to add a cool touch of storage and style in your spaces. Check out the link here to see this item by The Curiosity Shoppe in use as well as how to quickly and easily construct this cool DIY project!



Storage Piece Idea #2

Your living room is a place of gathering in your home. However, it has  the potential to also be the messiest place in your house. With remotes, cables, blankets, and more, keeping everything in order can definitely be a tall order. Integrate some seamless storage methods in your living room. One great option is the Hodan Ottoman with Storage by Signature Design by Ashley. The piece is hollow, leaving room for storing items in the compartment left in it. Furthermore, the lid of the piece has a tray feature on its bottom side, which, when flipped over, makes for a great place to put any items you need to set down while relaxing in your living space. Check out this piece here, and enjoy a good looking, simplified way of keeping your living room neat and tidy!



DIY Idea #3

Making your bathroom uncluttered, what with towels and toiletries, can be quite the daunting task. Furthermore, making your bathroom even look appealing in the slightest can also prove to be a rather large challenge. Find a way to tackle all of these to-do’s all at once. By simply repurposing baskets, whether they be wire, wicker, or otherwise, you can adhere them to the walls to create makeshift shelves as a neat way to store all of your bathroom items. Keeping your bathrooms neat has never been easier. And heck, this same idea could be applied to other spaces in your home as well, like your laundry room, walk-in pantry, and more, it doesn’t have to stop at bathrooms! Follow the link here to find out how to put this easy storage solution together and get your spaces organized right away! It goes to show that getting your home in order doesn’t have to be painstaking!




In conclusion, it is imperative that you do all that you can to get your home storage situated in order to preserve the beautiful state of your home all together. There are loads of cool and fun DIY ways to build storage for your home as well as countless other furniture options to get the job done and done right! To learn more about great storage methods to incorporate into your home, contact the experts at Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet today!


Setting Your Spaces Up For Success: Bedroom

You want your home to be beautiful, that is an honest to goodness given upon which we can all agree. Looks and aesthetics are key in making a home look and feel the way you have always desired. However, good looks can only get you so far. You need to make your home functional as well! Every space or space in your home has a function or a purpose, and to get the most out of you home, setting those spaces up to best achieve that purpose is crucial. Today, we’ll dive into how to make your bedroom a functional working space to best achieve the purposes associated with it.


Bed Situation

Okay, so what is the primary purpose of your room exactly? It is where we spend the majority of our time and take care of a few essential tasks. While it may have different uses, it ultimately boils down to this space being meant for one thing above all else: Sleep! That being the case, you want to make sure that your bed within your bedroom is optimized for comfort. Get a comfortable mattress that will be good for your nightly eight hours, put a comforter mattress on it, some high quality pillows and provide yourself with the means to get your best night’s sleep every night.

While having a comfortable bed fulfills the bedroom function of getting a good night’s sleep, you want to also consider how your bed affects the rest of your bedroom functions. Every morning, you get ready in your room, you read in your room, you decompress in your room. For that reason, you need to ensure that your space is optimized, and that means finding the right placement for the largest piece of furniture in your room, being your bed. Based on different bedroom shapes and sizes, an ideal setup can vary. To get a good idea of how to place your bed in your room to optimize space, check out this article from Today for some cool ideas!


Haves: What You Should Have In Your Room

Vanity with A Big Mirror

Each morning, you do your hair, makeup for some, get dressed, and do all that you can to be as presentable as possible before you walk out that front door. I am sure we are all too familiar with the process of putting on an outfit, going to bathroom to check it out, being less than satisfied, going back to your room to try something else on, and repeating the process. Break that cycle and simply get what you need in your room in order to get dressed and ready for success! A vanity with a mirror will give you the surface space and reflection to do what you must all in one effective space in the room.

Reading Area

While your room is used for the necessary time of rest each night and the necessary function of getting ready each morning and night, your room also serves other functions. One in particular is being your place of refuge. Devise a space within your room that can be devoted to relaxing, whether it be reading, writing, or whatever other peaceful activities you may have in mind. If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, don’t be discouraged, find a way to work with the bits of space you have. If enough room for a chaise chair, great, but if only an armchair will do given your space, still great! As long as you make it a priority to make a tranquil space for your room, you’re doing yourself a great service!


Have-Nots: What You Should NOT Have In Your Room


Quick jump back to the sleeping function of your room. Sure you want to make your room lively for the creative or relaxing things you do within it, but you do not want to have anything in your space that could be a detriment to that primary function of your room. The worst thing you could have in your room is a television. It is not good for your sleep or for the integrity of your bedroom decor, so it is best just to cut ties with having this distraction in your room. It will be a hard habit to kick, having a television in your room, but the quality of your sleep is worth it!


Storage Situation

Your bedroom has the most potential for being a place for serenity and peace in your home. Equally so, it can also be the exact opposite, a total mess, if you do not have the proper means to keep clothing, accessories, and other belongings organized. You need to up your storage game! For your clothes, start by assessing how much you own in your wardrobe. From there, you will know how much you need to stow away and can decide just how big of a dresser you will need. Check out the Gabriella Dresser by Signature Design by Ashley! It is sure to look good in your space and keep your clothing from cluttering up the place!

Make sure that you have a good place to store your other essentials as well. Your phone, wallet, keys, books, notepads, and other things need a place to call home within your bedroom. A beautiful nightstand will perfectly suffice in adding some convenient additional storage for the small items with big necessity. Something that matches your dresser and the tone of your room to provide the function of great aesthetics along with the fulfillment of storage. Get your furnishings functional!



In conclusion, the rooms in your home all serve a function, and your bedroom is certainly no different. To best equip your bedroom to satisfy the needs for which it is meant takes special consideration, attention, and the right insights. While the outlined tips and ideas are only a few ways to succeed in making your bedroom more functional, there is still a lot more to be accomplished. To learn more about the furnishings and know-how to make your bedroom or any part of your home more functional, contact the experts at Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet today!

Autumn Home Design: Bedroom

Autumn is still in the air as November continues to move on by! So you still have all of the chances in the world to keep making moves towards reaching maximum Autumn seasonal decor. We have touched on how to make areas in your home, such as your kitchen and bathroom spaces, feel more like fall, but there is still more ground to covered. You start and end everyday of your life in the same place, your bedroom! So why not incorporate that Autumn decor into your room? Let’s talk about some of the ways to Autumn-ize your bedroom to really get into the season!


Colors and Lighting

The colors in your spaces are important to bringing your vision together. When it comes to decorating your bedroom to fit the Autumn vibe, this is especially the case. But let’s not jump into your poppy colors just yet! First, ensure that you have a solid, neutral foundation. For walls and other elements, this will make it easy to switch out your decor with each season, and since it is still your bedroom, it will keep things from being too busy looking as you try to relax in your space. So, think beiges, white, creams, etc, and then build up the fun color elements!



Next, look outside and see what colors you find with this fall season. What do you see? You see deep reds and maroons, golden yellows, oranges, and some utterly beautiful colors. Capture those colors and bring them into your home. Accent pieces such as frames, lamp shades, throw pillows, and more are great ways to invite the outdoor colors in and harness the look of the season within your bedroom space. In addition to the color of your room, sometimes you do not want to see your room in a different light, literally! To give a dim vibe, utilized strand or icicle lighting, turn off the ceiling lights, and enjoy some serene vibes!


Outdoor Elements Inside

When it comes to bringing outside influence to the inner spaces of your home, there is no need to stop at colors alone to achieve the Autumn feel in your home. The fragile, peaceful feeling of Fall can be captured in far more ways than one, by far! One great way to express yourself and make your bedroom space look like Autumn is to showcase Autumn photography or artwork of any sort. This could be either pieces you have made yourself or images you found elsewhere, black and white or colored, different mediums, anything that you may have just happened to fall in love with.



Onto the absolute subtleties that will make a world of a difference! Craft and construct ways to showcase the season! Using materials like pine cones, leaves, dry twigs, and much more, you can really embody the spirit of the fall season. Not only will this look great when presented optimally, but it will also tentalize other senses. Smell is our sense that is most closely tied with feelings and emotions, so by having these natural materials in your bedroom, you see and smell them, further manifesting the Autumn vibes! For these reasons, be observant of your surroundings as you are out and about this Autumn. Take pieces of the inspiration home with you and feel Autumn in your home!



So this blog is about your bedroom, so if we were to glance over the actual sleeping arrangements, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs and would be doing you a massive disservice. Let’s talk bedding. Not only are you going to want your bedding situation to reflect the season visually, you also want the elements of it to be functional for other purposes. For aesthetics sake, as well as the functionality of keeping warmth and comfort up and temperatures go down, quilt it up! Flannel quilts and blankets are great for draping over your bed and chairs in your room to give you the look and touch of Autumn!



Although the quilted blanket will add a nice touch, you’re going to need some legitimate bed sheets to give you great sleep when you need it and great looks as you go to bed and wake up. The Raleda King Comforter Set is exactly what you are looking for to pull together that Autumn look! With burnt orange colors and the comfort of a fluffy polyester and cotton blend, you’ll get the sleep of your dreams every night, and a set that will sing ‘Autumn’! Check this option and more out in store or online with Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet.



In conclusion, Autumn is still upon us and we still have time to embrace the season within our homes. Your bedroom, being the sanctuary it is, requires special attention to fit the decor so that you can be at comfortable in it as possible! While there is still much more that can be done to Autumn-ize your bedroom, take the tips provided here as a launch point for more in depth decor to come! As you continue to grasp seasonal home decor and furnishings, trust the experts at Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet with all of your furniture and home renovation needs!


Designing to Fit Modern Stylings!

Our homes are ours within which to explore the depths and lengths of our abilities to express ourselves. The ways that one could depict their personality using the decor of their home is endless and the variety of stylistic takes are ever-reaching. Over the last century, as the name implies, Modern design styles have been taking houses upon houses by storm with its design elements. To those who are enamored by the style and want to further their depiction of it or to those who have not yet taken the plunge into modern design, let’s explore some of the aspect of this design style, what makes it stand out as it does, and what could be done in your home to further hone the look!



While the decorative pieces within a home have a lot to do with its style, Modern design flexes its muscle a great deal with the actual structural integrity of the building and spaces themselves. Looking at a Modern home, there is one word to best convey the look of its structural aspects: Geometric. Straight, clean lines are seen all throughout a Modern home. This poses a question, however, as to whether or not anyone could this, considering the construction of the home would dictate this. Simple fix! If your home already has geometric features, emphasize on those structural treasures as they are! If your home is not designed in such a way, build simple boxed outcroppings to install where seen fit and functional, such as book cases, shelves, window sills, and more to achieve the sharp, geometric look in your home!



In line with the discussion of your home’s structure is the actual space inside of that structure. Open and airy spaces are synonymous with the Modern home design style. Let’s start with the easiest way to achieve this open feeling. Take any belongings that you have sitting out that do not contribute to the design of the home and find a place for them where they are not out in open view. With Modern design, all that is seen are things that are crucial to the decor, creating a minimalist and de-cluttered, clean look, so only display that which is decorative and no more! Okay, now onto the talks surrounding structure-dependent ideas. High ceilings are indicative of Modern homes. If you have them, rock them! If you do not have high ceilings, install generous hanging light fixtures that hang above your most used spaces like tables, counters, side tables, and more. This will give the illusion of higher spaces, making your home look more Modern!



When we talk about invoking a feeling inside of a space or in any other context, it goes without saying that color is within the frontrunners of things that are sure to get the feeling across. But before we get into all that vibrant color can do, let’s talk about what calm, neutral touches can and do actually do for a space. Equally important to the impact of bright exciting colors is the presence of those neutral elements. Through soft greys, creams, as well as natural wood accents, you provide the perfect foundation upon which the rest of your colors can be based. So before you think of your color pops, think of the soft and subtle base tones in the Modern design.



Now that you have that solid base, you can start to build upon it. Taking one or two colors to apply to your home design palette is a great starting block. Beginning with this degree of use will ensure that your decor does not become bogged down with too many colors, as this will ultimately detract from the style that you are wanting to convey. So keep it simple and minimal on the colors as their impact with be that much stronger when you step back and look at your space! Lighting is also crucial to your colors as well! Not just in the aforementioned use of fixtures, but also in the tone of the lighting. Use something that is bright and more of a white light versus a fade of dim yellow or orange lighting. Brightness is a big part of Modern design, so as a quick upgrade to make your home fit the bill, change out those light bulbs and see an instance pop!



Now, let’s talk materials, what you are actually using as a medium for the textural look of the Modern design. Glass has a heavy presence in Modern home design. In terms of matching materials and increasing lighting, it only makes sense to utilize glass in the mix, what with the surrounding windows and reflective look. Get some glass in your decor for a good modern touch. Next take two very contrasting materials and join them in a way that is tasteful! Wood grain incorporation along with polished metal accents in conjunction with one another will give a really cool fusion feeling of a new and old, yet timeless feel!



For some added texture that you can feel and really sink into with comfort, consider your furnishings as well!  The Kate I Loveseat and Sofa made for great additions to this style. With leather and metal aesthetics and the its great corresponding comfort, either or both of these pieces will look and feel fantastic within your newly created Modern space! Check these pieces and more out today!




In conclusion, your home craves your attention and you crave a space that feels comforting and just right to you. The Modern design palette is a popular styling and heck, it may be exactly what you are looking for! Take some of the insight we provided and see how you can use it to get your home how you desire! Remember, this was just a small look into how to Modernize your home, and there is still much more to uncover! To learn more about Modern design, the elements necessary to achieve it, and the furnishings to best tie it all together, contact Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet today!


Creating Curb Appeal

The inside of your home is making headway on its way to becoming the beautiful sanctuary you have always dreamt and believed it could be. While you can’t judge a book by its cover and can’t base your perception of someone off of how they look on the outside, people can and will give your home a little less time of day. Based on what they see from the street, people will judge the state of your home simply by what they see on the outside without consideration for how incredible your home may be upon walking in the front door. What this means is that you need to get your curb appeal in order! Let’s talk about how to do just that.


The Approach: Sidewalk, Driveway, and the Like

Say a house guest arrives at your home, pulls up, parks, steps out of the car, and takes their first glance at your abode. Promise those house guests of yours an enjoyable walk up to your home by doing a couple things. Step 1 will be the tearing down of the old, not so appealing build-up of eye sores from street to your home. Your sidewalk, driveway, and front porch or deck can get pretty dirtied up, and after seeing them in this state for so long, you may become blind to its unsavory appearance. Take a power washer to all of your concrete, wood, or asphalt surfaces. Heck, even run the washer over your siding. You’ll be surprised at how much better your home and curb appeal improve instantly!



Now that you have started from the ground level and did a deep clean of the areas visible from the street, you can begin step 2 of the process. This step is to build back up your curb appeal through some natural  additional features. Hints of landscaping will make your home feel very welcoming and warm like it hasn’t before. Furthermore, if arranged with good cognizance and intention, you could make for a great way to direct the eye’s attention from street to home. Star with smaller plant features along the sides of your driveway and finish off with bigger, more impressive, attention-grabbing features closer to your home. This will prove to build a crescendo of appeal as you work closer to your home.


The Landing: Porch and Arriving at Your Front Step

While the aforementioned ‘Approach’ section talks about the ways to doctor up the time and space between the street and your actual home, the fact is that your home will always be the endgame factor to which any and all attention is meant to be and will be drawn. For that matter, it is important to have your home, the destination in the trek from the curb, in good shape for arrival. The best way to execute on this is two fold: first, come up with design elements for your home that look great to you and speak to your design taste (since it is your home) and second, use elements that stand out, providing the functionality to help guests find your and get excited to be reeled in as well.



One way to achieve this greatly is through your lighting. Now, when we say lighting, we are not simply talking about the light-creating facets of lighting, but both the actual light being produced as well as the piece that is producing it. That sounds scientific, so we’ll simplify that statement. You want something that, at night, will be able to illuminate your home and guide people in towards it and, in the day, will not be lit but will add a cool design feature that contributes to the outside look of your home. A simple improvement on your lighting fixtures will improve your curb appeal by leaps and bounds!

Drawing people into the light of your home is one sure fire method to lead way. But what certainly doesn’t hurt your case is using other means of conveying comfort to you or others approaching your home. The best way to do this is through providing the things most directly associated with comfort, furniture! So get some nice comfy furniture that will make the jaws of passersby drop to the curb. You are bound to turn heads with the Somani patio chairs and end table by Furniture of America, as well as with countless other outdoor furniture sets. Check them all out at Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet to boot that curb appeal!



The Coordination: Pulling Together the Entire Ensemble

Okay, so you’ve gotten a pretty solid idea as to how you can best make your home look great from the street and comforting upon arrival at your front steps. But the design pallets of these two parts have to operate synergistically with one another and must be mutually cohesive. So how do you accomplish this exactly? Here’s one quick way to accomplish this! Look to your mailbox, your plants and flowers in your garden, your throw pillows on your Somani Chairs, your shudders, and anything else, and use a similar color palette to match these elements together, a color that is eye-catching, but soothing and makes anyone walking up to and into your home feel the peace and calm that you intended. Soft yellows and soft blues will provide the best result in making your house look good, invoke a feeling, and catch some solid attention!




In conclusion, the interior of your home is unquestionably crucial to the way it makes you feel when you are within its walls. However, your exterior needs not be neglected in the process. By considering every step from the curve to the front door, you are able to create an experience that makes guests feel welcome and you, the homeowner, feel at home immediately. While these are just some approaches, there are still countless other methods to increase your curb appeal and the general look of your home’s exterior. To learn more or gain additional guidance, contact Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet today!


Clutter Culprit Corrections

Your home is like a body that needs to be taken care of in order to remain functional and in good working order. The good that you put into it, the TLC, the energy, and more dictate how well off it will be. When you fill your home with beautiful furniture and stylings, you are doing your home a lot of good for its health and your peace of mind within it. However, good home health is not created by the addition of these things alone. When your body is sick or trying to improve its system, sometimes it requires the removal of something that is doing it no good. In your home, clutter can accumulate in an instant and get out of hand to an overwhelming extent in no time. Let’s discuss some of the biggest clutter culprits and how to address them for the betterment of your home.


Clutter Culprit #1: Clothing

In some homes, you can literally turn a corner into any space and find clothing cluttering the place up. We’ll start with your entrance into your home. Your shoes, boots, etc are everywhere. Minimize the amount of shoes you have to save room in this space. It is nice to have more options, but if it is to the detriment of your home aesthetics and functionality, then a little filtering and downsizing in your shoe collection may be necessary.

There are certain clothes that you only need certain times of the year such as jackets or flip flops. With these items, don’t keep them in your easily accessible storage all times of the year, or else your available space will run dry. Continuing with the entranceway part of your home, if you have hangers or closets in this area, use those for the clothing or accessory needs of the season, and store the rest in a different storage space, like a crawl space.



Clothes in your bedroom, although least noticeable by house guests, can put a real damper on the effectiveness of what should be your most tranquil space in your home. Sift through your clothes, find a system of storing them, and if not everything fits in your provided spaces, decrease the number of items in your wardrobe. You will manage just fine with less clothing, but less space to enjoy within your room due to clothing clutter buildup will do you no good.


Clutter Culprit #2: Spaces for your Belongings to Belong

First thing is first, for every single thing that you have within your home, you need to have a space dedicated for it to be housed. To know where everything goes, and being disciplined enough to put it back exactly where you got it will save you headache in finding things you need when you need them and upholding a good looking home.

A great way to ensure that you keep this good habit is to assign a dedicated space for all of your belongings. For instance, if you do crafts and have a craft space, keep your craft items in your craft space. If you have an athletics closet, keep you sporting gear in that closet. Keep your kitchen stuff in your kitchen and so on and so forth. This will bring order to your home, cohesion to your spaces, and a new found serenity to your home in total.



The last rule of thumb with this is quite simple. If you have items in your home or are shopping for items with the intention of putting them in your home and you do not have a place in mind for them to go, then ditch the item! It is worth it to have discipline to not buy or hang onto something if it will just act as a useless tchotchke in your home, versus something of substantial functionality or appeal. Be selective about what goes into your home to help keep it healthy and beautiful!


Clutter Culprit #3: Having a Space that Feels Cramped

Clearing clutter is an ongoing process that will take time, energy, and mental strength. For that reason, we will keep the actual items to thin out to a minimum. However, we will add one additional tip to the mix. When spaces feel cramped from clutter, that matter is magnified if the space is cramped in terms of its actually measurable area. One simple way to make your spaces feel more spacious, lighting! And the best way to achieve optimal lighting, mirrors!



With a piece like the Ohanko Black Accent Mirror by Signature Design by Ashley, you can achieve a great piece that will look good in your space and make your space look good in return! The lighting that you will get from this piece will make your space feel bigger, in conjunction with the removal of unnecessary items, will work together to give your space a renewed sense of openness like never before.

Furthermore, in having a piece such as the Ohanko Mirror, you commit a theme to the space in which it is displayed. With that comes the desire to decorate the rest of the room based on the beauty of that initial piece. And with that also comes the incentive to remove excess clutter. Having the right pieces showcased in the right way with the right function will lead to the decrease of clutter and the increase of joy within a space.



In conclusion, your home needs to be treated well in order for it to make you feel as comfortable and happy within it as possible. Put as much great stuff in your home as you like, but if you do not take the time to remove what is unnecessary and unhelpful, your home will not flourish to all that it can be! Get your clutter in order and take back control of your home! For ideas and insights on your upcoming home improvement projects, as well as guidance on furnishings and decor products, contact Johnson Furniture Outlet, we’ll get there together!


Setting Your Spaces Up For Success: Home Office

At Johnson Furniture Outlet, we make it a point that our objective is to help you make the interior of your house a space where you actually feel at home. After all, you do want your home to be the one place where you never feel out of place or in need of an escape. Your home is your escape! However, while we have given you many of the tools to make your home as beautiful and as comfortable as possible, it is equally important to talk about functionality within the home, or more so on a room-by-room basis. And one area of your home that may require special attention for function is your home office. So the question is, how do you take this part of your home, make it aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, but especially providing function? Let’s dig into this room and bring some function to the table.



As we have mentioned in the past, color is an important element in design. Incorporating the proper colors into a design can be the most effective, and what’s more most inexpensive, way to imply a feeling to a room. But it can also be used as a functional tool to provide the right ambiance for a given task. This being your home office, the ambiance you want is one geared towards focus and productivity. This could give the psychological edge to necessary to get you engaged in your work. To accomplish this, the use of soft greens and soft blues, your natural earthy and sky colors, have been noted to increase that productivity.

Another element of color that is often overlooked is the fact that lighting has a great deal of impact on the perception of those colors. If the only source of lighting in your home office is a set of poor lighting features and no natural light, you are impeding your abilities to take care of business within your office, more than you would initially expect actually. In terms of the actual lighting features you have, consider natural lighting lamps, as they will keep your eyes from becoming strained as you look through papers or even your computer screen. In addition to natural lighting lamps, positioning your desk or primary workspace adjacent to a window or outside light source of some sort will give you the extra light you need, plus give you a little bit of needed inspiration as you look to the outdoors. All of these considerations will do wonders in aiding your productivity, creativity, and tranquility in your workspace.


Inspirational Items

Our work projects can tend to change pretty frequently. With that being said the things that inspire us in our work may tend to shift as well. On the walls that are most visible from your workstation, wall art can be cycled through with quotes that speak to you and get your fired up to do the task at hand. Furthermore, whether you find pre-made artwork or create your own, find a way to make it cohesive with the rest of the design in your home office. To combine both textual inspiration with the aesthetic cohesion will make for a great piece to make a simple home office, YOUR home office! If you have more art than you have wall space, don’t try to fit it all in, as it may become busy and negatively affect your ability to focus, but instead, cycle through your different art in different wall spaces to keep things fresh.

While wall art can be inspiring, don’t forget your biggest inspiration. You family, friends, dogs, adult recreation league softball team…okay maybe not the last one, necessarily…all inspire you to work hard each day so that your time can with them can be optimized doing the things you enjoy more than anything else. Similar to the cohesion you found with your motivational wall art, find framing that will showcase who you love most in a way that stands out in your heart but matches your decor seamlessly. Liven up your desk with these pieces and make the office seem a little less demanding and a little more at peace.



Speaking of those photos you want to showcase…you’re going to need a desk to put it all on and take care of business. As is already implied, you will want something that looks great and makes a statement within the office. But equally implied is the fact that you want something that is functional and will prove helpful to your work and all that it requires. Needless to say, Johnson Furniture Outlet has all of the pieces you could need for any part of your home, so expect nothing less when it comes to the needs of home office. In terms of great looks and functionality, it gets no better than the Tami Writing Desk by Furniture of America! With dark walnut materials and fine detailing, you have a piece that looks beautiful and is a pleasure to sit at for hours on end. With drawers and storage all throughout, you can be sure that your work will remain organized and manageable. What more can we say? This desk is meant for any and all home offices!

Tami Writing Desk

So your desk need are covered, now onto seating! You want to ensure that no matter what, you are comfortable at all times when in your office. How else can you expect to be productive for full days at at time? For your desk, enjoy the Sibley Office Chair by Furniture of America. Fine brown leather leaves you with the utmost in comfort and aesthetics, as it appeals well with your Tami desk. Although work is the primary objective while you are in this space, do not forgo an area of your room for being able to decompress. If the spare floor space is available, incorporate a beautiful sofa, like the Axiom Walnut Sofa by Signature Design by Ashley to allow for a space to relax amidst the work chaos. Between the desk and the seating arrangements, you are in for a comfortable and effective work space.

Sibley Office Chair



In conclusion, while you care about the looks of the spaces within your home, you also want to consider the functionality and effectiveness to do the primary task for which the space is meant. We have only begun to scratch the surface in making your home office more functional, but hopefully this has provided you with the starting block necessary to make the room as you wish for it. To learn more about the products or insights outlined, contact the professionals at Johnson Furniture Outlet. We are here to aid you in absolutely all of your home decor and renovation needs!

Autumn Home Design: Kitchen, Dining, and Bathroom

Autumn is in the air! Oh, do you feel it?! Another seasonal change to inspire our creativity, entice the imagination, and reflect how we feel with how we present our lives within our homes. While some of us change the dress of our homes according to specific styles, others of us like to coordinate home decor with the time of year, allow the outdoors to influence our indoor spaces. Autumn, for that matter, is a great time of year to let the essence of the outdoors into your home. The colors, the smells, the feelings that come with the time of year all offer such a great vibe to bottle and make your own at home. Even the most carefree endeavors, like matching your home decor to the Autumn season, however, can be daunting, so Johnson Furniture Outlet is here to guide and assist you with some Autumn decor insight for your kitchen and bathrooms. Here goes!


Kitchen and Dining Space

Your kitchen is where the source of all of those Autumn smells of pumpkin pie, turkey, green bean casserole, and more cause us to be lifted off the ground and coaxed in like out of a cartoon. To reflect the great Autumn treats that are being enjoyed, you want to set the tone for the other senses within the space. The most focal space in your kitchen is the table where all of your meals and family time are enjoyed. For that matter, it deserves special attention when Autumn decor is underway, and to deck out this piece the right way can bring the ambiance together perfectly.

Family Holiday

Simple touches can make for a very strong statement when it comes to seasonal decor. For that matter, start with a nice, welcoming tablecloth atop your table. A thicker and potentially heavier cloth will supply your table with warmth and comfort as you sit and enjoy time their throughout the season. Not only is the feel important, but also the look. If your household consists of young children, it can be fun to have leaf patterns or other iconic images of fall, but to achieve a more mature take on autumn looks, flannel and plaid patterns consisting of earthy browns, reds, oranges, yellows, and greens will certainly do the trick in giving your kitchen table the desired impression.

Bed Bath and Beyond

Continuing with options of usable decor for your table, as well as for kitchen islands, kitchen counters, above higher surfaces, and more, you can use different groupings of natural materials or items that scream Autumn, and strategically place them throughout your kitchen space. The iconic cornucopia, with potpourri, pine cones,  touches of dried leaves, small pumpkins, and other essentials can be placed wherever you deem appropriate. There are also numerous homemade DIY projects that you could do to craft the perfect showcases of your Autumn spirit. By constructing different sized wooden display boxes, one sized to be a table centerpiece, one sized for a window sill, and so on, and filling them with candles and other items that pull the sensation of Autumn together. Give it a try, it’ll really bring the season together in your home.

The Idea Room

While the details are great ways to easily shift the look of your home’s interior in a pinch, it sometimes takes a little more to get the exact look which you seek. Although furnishings are a most permanent styling, it doesn’t hurt to find cool pieces that emphasize on a seasonal style, yet still work all year round! One piece that is sure to do exactly that is the Korde Kitchen Service Cart by Furniture of America. With dark walnut wood, rustic metal drawer handles and casters, and fine accented designs, this serving cart provides function for your seasonal dinner occasions as well as aesthetics to tie together that look you crave.

Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet



Speaking of seasonal dinner occasions, when you have people over to your home for Autumn nights of entertaining, sure you want to give the spaces where you are spending most of your time attention, such as your kitchen, but don’t neglect other particular areas that are important for you guests as well. Your bathrooms or powder rooms can coordinate with your kitchen with minimal effort. Having specific Autumn hand towels is a great start, especially if you manage to find a way to match them to styling in your kitchen, like your tablecloth. An additional touch that will tie it all together are candles that are decorated with the sights and smells of Autumn in mind. Even your restrooms can be festive. Why not?!

Spark and Chemistry



In conclusion, Autumn is in the air, and with the right approach, it can be in your home as well! Take some of the some decor ideas presented and let your imagination run wild as you make your home your own fun brand of seasonal. And for all furnishings and additional consultation for your home makeover, be sure to contact Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet and we’ll help bring your home together this Autumn and all through the year!