Setting Up Your Spaces for Success: Living Room

The spaces in your home all serve a purpose. Some of the rooms’ purposes are may serve very specific and crucial roles, while others are a little less pressing. But even if some rooms servce more informal roles, they deserve your attention in making sure they are set up perfectly to suit their use. Your living room is one of the most utilized spaces in your home for sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying some good company Let’s dive into some ways that you could best set up your living room for success!



The layout of your living space dictates a lot about its effectiveness within your home. In many homes, the living space can far less than spacious. This is not a bad thing for your home, it will simply mean a different approach in bringing this space together.

There is a way into your living room and a way out of your living room. Set up your living room in a way that allows for best flow of coming and going into the space. Depending on the furniture you have and the space you are working with, it may be fairly difficult coming up with a layout that works. Before you go lifting and moving around heavy furniture, break out a tape measurer, some pen and paper, and draw out your floor plan based on the measurements of  the bigger pieces in your space to scale. It will allow you to visualize options for your layout like never before and is actually a load of fun!

One other tip that corresponds with the previous one is the simple advisement that you take stock of your furniture, how it corresponds with the space, and whether you could size up or size down. A couple of the key reasons why people’s main living spaces may not feel as comfortable as they could is due to the fact that the furniture in the space may not be the right fit. Too big of furniture is suffocating. Too small of furniture can leave a space feeling underwhelming. Don’t accept the furniture you have just because you have it. Make a change if need be, the state of your living room could depend upon it!



As you all may know, from previous blogs or just from first hand experience, the living rooms within our homes can tend to be the ones most prone to clutter and messes. For that reason, it is crucial to have ways of managing the mess. Seamless storage with be your best friend in this case.


Your television is where you watch all of your Blu-Rays, DVDs, and heck, maybe even a VHS from time to time, as well as video games and more. Find an entertainment center that allows you to showcase nice family treasures like pictures or art or anything else that describes your family, while stowing away all of your media from cluttering up the place.

Coffee Table

Blankets, remotes, and other things need to be within arms reach while you are sitting back and relaxing in your living space. For that reason, your coffee table would benefit by having a place to stow things away. Look into coffee tables with storage space and this will just be another cool, creative way to mask the things you love to have nearby, but don’t want seen.



As we discussed earlier, you will want to make some serious considerations for the furniture in your living space. However, we are not talking about the size of the pieces like before, no. This time, we are talking about how well they achieve the purpose of the living room that is bringing you optimal comfort! Find furnishings that don’t simply look the part for your space, whether in size or in design, no! Make sure all criteria are filled of the furnishings looking good, fitting in well, and especially feeling well! With neutral colors, standard sizing, and plush comfort to boot, the Julson Cafe Collection is a great furniture line to give you all you need within your living space. Check it out here or stop by Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet today!



In conclusion, your living room is the central hub of your home for gathering, relaxing, and entertainment. To design this space in a way that is conducive to doing any of the previous activities is key! Follow some of these tips and try to implement some ideas of your own based off of what you have read here today! And as always, for the best in home furnishings or home decor insight, trust Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet!

Kitchen and Bathroom Decor: Winter

Winter is still in full swing and that means that there is still a chance to make your home fit the vibe of the season! So take the opportunity, while you can, to make the different parts of your home come together to shape your perfect winter wonderland! Earliest this season, we walked you through making your living room feel more like Winter, now let’s dive into some other parts of your home! Next up, kitchen and bathroom!



Your kitchen is a major hub of your home and you want it to embody a feeling for you, no matter what time of year it may be. With the large amount of time that is spent in this space, for it to always feel ‘right’ is absolutely crucial!



In your kitchen, let’s begin with your window decor. Although this is a small feature amidst your big kitchen, it will make a world of a difference. One thing about windows, is our eyes are naturally drawn towards them, so with that being the case, decorating them will absolutely turn heads. Start with some curtains to bring focus to the windows. Using white curtains for a cool, clean Winter look, or the addition of reds and green for a most festive and exciting look, you can drive home that winter feel easily. Make this low effort adjustment to make for some high impact in your kitchen.

Now, slightly redirect your window focus, this time looking to the window sills down below your drapery. If a window is a good place to draw attention, a window sill is a great place to put your personal touch on the picturesque view of that window. To nail a Winter look on your window sill, you’ll just need some simple supplies and a dose of creativity. A nice pairing of holly, garland, any greenery, with a couple plain or painted white pine cones will give that special seasonal touch that screams Winter! It’s simple, quick to craft, and worth the seasonal feel that it will emanate.



Your cabinets, year round, tend to have one consistent theme throughout the year: drab and dreary. Do little things to make your cabinets more than just a storage system, but also an aesthetic pleasure! If your cabinets do not reach the ceiling, make use of the upper space that is allotted with this. If you are looking for a more playful approach, some fabric to mimic snow is a really cool option, especially to anyone anywhere that may not get snow this time of year, but want to feel the snowy Winter spirit. To anybody looking for a classier approach, poinsettia flowers strategically placed will bring some great color and appeal to your space.

On the actual face of your cabinets, the outer panel of your cabinets that is visible when facing them, you could, again, do some quick decorating maneuvers to instantly brighten the look and feel that they convey. Draping nice seasonal banners over the doors of your cabinets or having wreathes or garland placed on your cabinets with care will bring some additional panache to your kitchen. Even just simply placing a ribbon on your cabinet doors, making them look like gifts to be opened, will go a long way. Do a lot with a little, you’ll be stoked with the end result!



Now that you have made some little adjustments to your kitchen space in order to make it more festive for the season, look to your actual dining space, since that is where you will get to sit and take it all in after all.

The light fixtures in your dining area do a lot for the space. They bring drama to the look of the room, bring light, and bring warmth. As an additional quick trick to get your dining space seem more like Winter, hang some ornaments from your lighting fixture. You will find this to be most effective with more simplistic and minimalistic ornaments in particular. A few white and silver globes hung at varying heights will provide a really slick touch to your dining space.

Below your lighting fixture, a table centerpiece is a necessity for any time of year. You want your breakfast, lunch, and dinner table to feel welcoming always and this is just the best way to bring life to this space. To get the most winter vibe that you possibly can, create a centerpiece that speaks to the season. Pine needle, garland, and pine cones are all great ingredients to make for an aesthetically pleasing centerpiece to easily bring about the feeling of the season.

You’ll want a table upon which to set that centerpiece and really showcase your space. The Larchmont 5 piece Dining Room Table with matching Side Chairs is just the right piece for you, your family, and your friends to make sure aesthetics are high as well as comfort. Check it out here!



Your main spaces are not the only parts of your home that crave some attention. Your bathrooms also want to be decked out to match the seasonal feel.

Same as with any other season, you will want to think of minimalist ideas that will pack a big punch, considering bathrooms will generally be the smaller spaces in your home and you’ll have to get your vision across using up less items and less space. A great way to cater to the senses and make your bathroom feel less like a bathroom is using seasonal scented candles! It’s a quick and easy idea that will go a long way.

Your mirror is probably the only place in your restroom that your attention gravitates towards on even a regular basis. For that reason, make your mirror visibly pleasing! Soft white lights above your mirror will give a nice warmth to what you see in the mirror itself. Using some strand lighting or icicle lighting and garland, if you feel daring with your design, will frame the mirror nicely and make the space within that frame feel very welcoming as you get ready in front of that mirror each morning.



In conclusion, your kitchen, dining, and bathroom spaces are highly trafficked areas in your home, and for that reason, you should do all that you can to really enjoy those spaces! Follow some of these steps to get a good start going, and then come up with some cool ideas of your own that embody you home vision! But no matter what, as you go about your home design projects, always trust Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet for finding all of the best in furnishings and design insight!

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

The new year is here! Happy 2018 one and all! We, here at Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet wish you the absolute best this year! But even more than that, we want to ensure that you accomplish all of those new year’s resolutions that you put in place for yourself to have the most successful year possible. What are your new year’s resolutions? How are you going to bring them to fruition? In this week’s blog installment…or this year’s first blog installment, that is…we will talk about some of the more popular resolutions and how to apply them to your home in order to make your 2018 as fulfilling as possible! Let’s dig in and get a great year underway!


Conquering Procrastination

In 2017, you most likely had a lot of visions for how you wanted the different aspects of your life to be. You wanted to improve on things that were important to you, you wanted to ditch bad habits, and you wanted a lot of other things for your life. But you procrastinated, right? This year, act when you feel compelled to act! Whatever aspect of your life it is that is in question, if you feel that it is time to make a change, then make that change happen! If you care deeply enough you’ll find a way to get the ball rolling on your desires.

One way that you could apply this is to your home. We can look at the spaces in which we live the majority of our lives and wish away all of the negatives, but until a first step is made, you’ll be stuck with a home that is less than satisfactory in your eyes. Find the furnishings that make you happy, pick out the paints that incite the emotions you want in your home, find the accessories that bring life to your spaces in just the right way. Whatever way, shape, or form you are wanting to improve your home, simply make the decision to take action and do so. You’ll be so happy with your decision to act!


Reducing Stress

Every year, we want more than anything to start fresh by not sweating the small stuff and being instead enjoy the little things to a larger extent. Make this coming year the year of reduced stress. But how do you start with this resolution? It can be extremely difficult to remove stress from your life when you’re in the office, going to class for your graduate degree, bringing the kids to and from practice, and so on. But there is no better place to start your destressing efforts than at home!

So how do you make your space more stress-free at home? Simple! Integrate a space where you can do the things that help you burn off some steam. Some people love music. Take that extra room and make it a music room. Others love yoga. To these folks, making a spare room into a home yoga studio could be the best approach. So take a space and your home and repurpose it. If you don’t have available space, make available space! Your happiness at home is worth it.


Tidy Up

Although reducing stress is a resolution in itself, there are other resolutions that could be applied to help achieve the former. Also, this could aid in resolutions regarding being more punctual along with others. Whether someone is trying to improve upon the aforementioned, or just simply wanting to improve upon their home for the sake of improvement, tidying up and getting organized is a great go-to. To get your home on top of its organization game, check out Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet’s blogs on storage options and de-cluttering methodology. These will help you get tidied up effectively and efficiently.

Enjoy your Interior, but Don’t Neglect the Outdoors

You may have done a lot to improve the interior of your home in the recent future, and for that you may be very proud, and rightfully so! However, it is important that you take more opportunities to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Granted, this time of the year may be a little cooler than the rest of the year, but just remember to take advantage of the beautiful weather as it comes.

A great way to take advantage of the beautiful weather comfortably, a great outdoor furniture set will most certainly do the trick! The Dixie Patio Chaise by Furniture of America is bound to get the job done. With comfortable padding and beautiful aesthetics all in one great piece, you will have no trouble getting comfortable in the outdoors.


What Matters Most!

Ultimately, there is one thing that matters most as you brainstorm your new year’s resolutions, and that is making time for the important people and joys in life! Whether it is your close family or your long loved friends that you only get to see but once in a blue moon, it is important to make time and effort for these people. This year, make your home a place that people could feel most comfortable. Start fresh and breathe some new life into your home! To make it happen, start by contacting Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet today and make this year a great one!

Happy 2018, one and all!

Decluttering Your Home

Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet is dedicated to helping you breathe new life into your home through furnishings and insights. We want nothing more than for your house to feel like home by any means necessary. While we may be able to help you beautify your home by giving you product options, however, as you know, your home can only be as beautiful as the degree of clutter in the home allows…So what we’re saying is, your clutter is keeping your home from being beautiful! So, this week, we’re aiming to give you more options to keep your spaces decluttered and your home looking great!


Consolidate and Tackle

We’ll refer to the first decluttering method as simply “Consolidate and Tackle” as that is exactly how it operates. Here is how this method works. First, start by considering the items in your life of which you may have a lot of articles or individual pieces. In your living room, we may be talking about your media, such as individual DVDs, CDs, video game disks, and so on. In your room, this could be your clothes, either separating between different items or your whole wardrobe.


So, what you’ll want to do is take the entirety of an item that you have, gather it all together so you can visibly see all that you have of it. From there you can gauge how much you had, how much you want to remove from your possession relative to it, and them filter through to get to the desired amount of said item. It may seem straightforward, but it will prove effective. So as you go about the de-cluttering process, consider how you can take the things of which you have a lot of inventory, so to speak, and actively decide how much you want to narrow down to, and then start sifting!


Outbox Cubbies

Outbox Cubbies, huh? What could this mean? Let’s break down the concept. We all have a couple parts of the home where we spend the majority of our time. For a lot of us, there are two places in particular where almost all time at home is spent. The living/dining space and our bedroom spaces stand out as some of the most used areas. When we split our time between these parts of our homes, we can sometimes cause a mess in the process. You bring something from your bedroom to the living room, something from the kitchen to the bedroom, so on so forth. What this can end up doing is getting all of your things out of place and into a position to begin the cluttering process…And you certainly don’t want that!

How the outbox cubbies works is as follows. Place a basket per person in the home in a place that is fairly centralized and equidistant to any and all of these highly trafficked areas. When you are done using an item in a place that it does not typically belong in your organizational arrangement, simply place the item in that basket. Then when you are actually making your way back to the space that the item belongs, grab it from the basket and bring it with you to its home within your home. When we are in our homes, we tend to get comfortable, which can translate to lazy, which is fine! You are home, so feel free to kick back and relax, however this tip will give you the ability to keep things straightened up without having to exert more than you need to until you need to!


Assess and Address

Similar to the Consolidate and Tackle method is the Assess and Address method. But there are some slight differences that could ultimately prove to be more effective for certain folks. So how this one works, is instead of looking at your problematic clutter items, look at your problematic clutter spaces. If you find that your bedroom, living room, and bathrooms are in tact, but your kitchen is always a mess, zone in on that space, or whichever space it may be in your case, assess the mess, and address the mess!

Take inventory of all the things within the space, focusing only on this area of your home, so as to not overwhelm yourself in the cleaning process. Look at what is in the area and assess if there are things that belong within the space but are misplaces, things that do not belong in the space, or things that you do not even see a purpose for within your home, period. If you find that only certain parts of your home are cluttering quickly and easily, this method will work for you wonderfully to really dig into those problem spaces.


Product Spotlight

Oftentimes, when it comes to home de-cluttering, finding more simplified approaches or furnishings to get the job done. So what are some good pieces to achieve organization? The Trinell Loft Bookcase by Signature Design by Ashley is a great option to aid in your de-cluttering project. With lovely oak tones and detailed craftsmanship, the Loft Bookcase will fit your design aesthetics perfectly and with its spacious compartments, you can really put it to work in straightening up your things. This piece could even work really well for the Outbox Cubbies idea! For this piece and other great storage options, look no further than in the trusted hands of Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet!



In conclusion, Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet wants to ensure that your home looks great, feels great, and is free of the clutter that could keep it from looking and feeling the great way you desire. Try out some of these de-cluttering ideas and let the things that matter most to you be the focal point of your home, not your clutter. For additional insight on tips and products, contact Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet today!


Setting Your Spaces Up For Success: Kitchen

Every space in your home has a purpose. Your bedroom is for sleeping, your living and dining spaces are for entertaining, home office for work related tasks, you get the point. However, there is probably no part of our home that is more specialized for the tasks that it entails than your kitchen. Nowhere else in your home will you find, not only difficulty in making the space look good, but also in making it functional, than in this space. How do we optimize this space exactly? Let’s look at some cool ways to improve the functionality, efficiency, and effectiveness of your kitchen.



In your kitchen, you experience an overwhelming surplus of things to have to store. So naturally, the first step in making your kitchen functional is knowing where everything fits within the overarching equation. Begin with your big space eaters, your cooking pots, pans, and the like. You could take the conventional route, find an empty drawer with enough space, and haphazardly throw your cookware into these storage spaces, but that is far from ideal. Instead, find vacant wall space or ceiling space about a counter or somewhere that heads won’t bump into, and hang your pots and pans from hooks. This will make for greater ease in cataloging  your items.

Your cooking knives, spoons and ladles, and other metal utensils could use a place to go as well, other than stuffed in the drawer with all of your eating utensils, that is. There are two effective options for this. First, you could rely on magnets like commercial restaurants, adhere a utensil magnet to your working space and this is your new storage! However, if you are in a home with children present and this isn’t most ideal, using a knife block is a good alternative for your sharper items. Give these a try and see how quickly and seamlessly you can find your way through your cooking utensils!

Your cabinets act as storage for all of your additional things, such as plates and glasses. However, efficiency could be greatly impeded if you have to keep wandering in and out of your cabinets trying to find the things that you need. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just see through those cabinet doors and quicken up the process? Well, why not make them see-through? Replace your all wood cabinet doors with glass panelling, so as to easily see where everything resides within your storage spaces, and make cut down on your search time for the things you need in the kitchen.


Designate Spaces

We have discussed in previous blogs the importance of having designated places for certain things to go within your spaces. You kitchen is a true testament to the need to this notion at every turn.


Your pantry acts as the storage space for a ton of the non-cookware items in your kitchen. But that could entail a lot of different items. An effective initial way to compartmentalize the things in your pantry is to start by separating and storing by consumable and non-consumable items. So take all of your food items and keep them together, with some more fine tuned and detailed organization based on similar items, and then take your non-food items such as paper plates and napkins and more and keep those things together. This alone will already do wonders for your pantry.


Your refrigerator is a similar story in terms of storage organization. You have so many different things in your refrigerator and things getting out of sorts is not a far out notion in the slightest. Find a system that works within your refrigerator. This may seem a bit obsessive compulsive, but the truth is it will improve your efficiency in the kitchen. Find a drawer to put veggies in, a shelf to put eggs in, the door panel space for condiments or juices, and so on. Stick to this layout you have and take time out each week to get things reorganized or declutterred and your refrigerator storage will be on point!


Now, take your entire main kitchen space and break that down some. You do a lot of specific tasks within your kitchen that require different attention. For that reason, you should designate different part of your kitchen or different tasks. Leave one counter top for chopping, another one for prepping, use one half of your sink for washing of food and the other one for soaking the items you have used for cooking after the fact. Ultimately, find a way to specialize your spaces to fit the tasks at hand. This will help in your day to day, but especially do you wonders for big dinner occasions. Give it a try!



Now that everything is in its place in terms of in-kitchen preparation and cooking, next you’ll want to focus on how you will keep optimize the ease of setting up placements for your much anticipated meals, whether a night to yourself or a large gathering. You’re going to need a place for all of your fine dishes, silverware, serving plates, and more. The North Shore Dining Room China Cabinet by Millennium is the perfect piece to showcase and store all of your eatware for easy access anytime you need to grab the right setting pieces. Check it out and more at Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet.



In conclusion, your kitchen and eating space are the space with quite possibly the most corresponding tasks, items, messes, and more. That being the case, you need to take extra special care to ensure that your space is done up in a way that is functional. Take a crack at some of these methods to keep things in check and to learn  more ways to optimize your kitchen and find the right furniture pieces for it, contact Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet today!

Winter Home Design: Living Room

It is December at long last. What does that mean exactly? It means that we are officially in the winter season, one of the most joyful and cheerful times of the year! In order to really bask in the season, you may want to take a piece of it home with you, decoratively speaking that is. Embrace the winter season, hone it, and let it invoke a feeling in your interior design. So how do you make your home feel like a refined winter wonderland? We’ll dive into that now, focusing first on how to doll up your living room.



As you may know from prior blogs, there is a first element to every design palette to be considered before anything else enters the equation. We’re talking about your color scheme. But, before you go crazy with the colors, think base layer. Take influence from the outdoors and sport some white in your space. Start by considering white paint for your walls as a good base. It is neutral, clean looking, and indicative of winter. Next, do a little bit of charcoal or a gradient of light to dark gray in other pockets of your space, and you will find everything to be tastefully balanced.

Now, add some zings of color to the mix and watch everything come to life! For color inspiration, especially in the winter time with a myriad of holidays, one of your best bets is to draw influence from those days of celebration. Although there are many, one scheme that is very closely associated with the winter is that of Christmas, so we’ll use that holiday as an example, but feel free to use colors that you attribute to winter! As part of the Christmas color scheme, reds, greens, and modest gold accents will do your decor a lot of good! So give it a go!


Wood Elements

Seasonal decor takes a lot of influence from the outdoors being brought inside. And winter, being the beautiful, picturesque season that it is, is no different. As the lovely colorful Autumn leaves dropped off, we were left with incredible, figurine looking trees all around! Take the wood grain look that you see all around your home’s exterior and bring it inside. Customize picture frames with adhered tree branch pieces, devise wall art, cut coasters, build candle sconces, and more as a means of bringing the wooded outdoor look into your home. To check out more cool ideas, check out Pinterest to find loads of great projects to bring the woodsy vibe to your living room decor!



So there are some things about the winter season that you want to bring into your home. However, there is one thing in particular about the winter that you do not want to invite inside. The cold can stay in its place! While the weather is frightful outside, make your interior a warm environment, both in temperature and in decor aesthetics. To bring some warmth into your living space, start by looking down. Thick, plush rugs in your living space are surefire way to bring some comfort and visual appeal to accommodate the needs for the season as well as the look and feel of Winter!



Speaking of warmth, come winter time, your fireplace assumes the role of focal point within your living space! Start by simply taking advantage of the fireplace. You have one, it’s cold outside, what other convincing do you need? This will immediately make your living area feel more comfortable and cozy!

Now take that mantle and deck it out too! When it comes to decorating your mantle for the Winter season, wreaths are definitely your best friend. They are easy, quick setup, but have a really big impact on the look of your space. Use strand wreaths to drape across your mantle and then find a circular wreath that you find will look great hanging above the rest. Add ornaments if seen fit, and naturally, throw some candles into the ensemble, and your mantle will really sing and pull everything else in your space together to create the perfect Winter wonder in your living space. To get more mantle design ideas, check out HGTV for more!



Now that everything else in your living space is dolled up and ready to showcase the feels of the season, you’re going to need something to sit back in, relax, and take in all of your wonderful Winter decor. Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet has just the thing for you! The Tulen Chocolate Reclining Sofa and Loveseat by Signature Design by Ashley will look great in your space and feel great to collapse in for many evenings of Winter relaxation time spent indoors. You can’t go wrong with these pieces, and they will prove to be the perfect furnishings for your Winter living space.



In conclusion, Winter is not coming, it is already upon us! Take advantage of the beautiful season, harness it, and make it part of your home for your comfort and joy. Take some of the tips outlined here, run with them, and see what other cool additions you can make within your living space. You’ll be surprised with what you uncover in making your living room incredible. Lastly, and as always, contact Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet with any and all of your home furnishing needs this Winter or anytime of the year!

Designing to Fit Victorian Stylings!

Taking the vision for you home and bringing it to life may seem like a easy, strictly-fun project to take on. While it is a fun process, sometimes the daunting feeling that corresponds with a major home decor overhaul can wipe out any semblance of the excitement that should come from such a design undertaking. Harnessing the picture you have in your head of how you want your home to look and feel is not easy. But we’re here to help! Right now, we’ll break down the very popular Victorian home design style to show you the elements necessary to achieve the look you desire. Let’s dive in shall we?


Wallpaper and Paint

The aesthetics associated with the Victorian design palette are very specific, distinct, and crucial to executing the look. The design style, when implemented into true Victorian architecture homes, typically entails large grandiose walls. Those walls speak volumes in achieving and embodying the vibe. Where there is not paint, there will be wallpaper, and man, will it make a statement!  

With some of the newer styles people may see today, the notion of wallpaper may come across as an immediate NO. However, with Victorian style home decor, the incorporation of wallpaper is not only considered, but it is highly encouraged as part of the design palette. Whether used as a trim for a wall, where it only accounts for the borders and edges of your walls, or is used to cover the entirety of a room’s wall space, elegant, traditional wallpapers are certainly a big piece of the Victorian puzzle. To check out some authentic wallpaper options to see what will work in your home, check out Bradbury here!

Moving on from the wallpaper, let’s consider the paint colors that could be best utilized to strike up a Victorian feel in your home. The first consideration is contrast. You want colors that correspond with each other but in a way that the colors stand out. Next, you want to know how to use these colors together. You want to ensure that you have primary colors that act as the main theme of the color scheme and then supplemental colors that will act as the harmony for your main colors. To get a more in depth idea of how to do this, check out this guide by SF Gate for additional guidance!



One thing that the Victorian design style boasts is an overall feeling of grandeur. The goal is to accomplish a regal, royal feeling for your home. A simple way to make your home feel more grand in this regard is utilizing drapery.  

Let’s start with your windows. What you will want to do is take a look at the wall designs and colors that are present within the space that is being considered for drapes. If your room consists of patterned wallpaper, you will want to consider a more minimalistic look in terms of patterns for the drapes, or else you space may seem too busy. Furthermore, if the primary color or colors used in your space are lighter or darker, you will want to adjust the look of your drapes accordingly so as to not have them stand out too much but also not fade into the background of your wall colors.

Drapes do not have to stop at just your windows. Feel free to use them in doorways and hallways throughout your home or as attention grabbers for art pieces that you adorn on your walls. Doing this will continue that lavish look no matter which spaces you find yourself in. You will be amazed at how great your interior looks with this simple addition!



The Victorian design palette points to another time. In corresponding with this design style, you are pulling influence from times, places, details unlike that of today. With old fashions being such a crucial part of the idea behind victorian design, you will want to take elements from those eras to best execute the look. What’s a good way to accomplish this? Antiques! Antiques will help you add that dash of authenticity to your Victorian home decor unlike anything else. Whether it is a lamp shade, an old side table, a mirror, or anything else, find a way to incorporate it into your style for a cool, unique, and personalized touch.



So far, we have talked a lot about the ways to make your home look great using strictly visual elements. But you’re going to need somewhere to sit, get comfortable and take in your beautiful Victorian surroundings. Some solid seating is what you need to pull it all together, something that feels good and corresponds with the rest of your design. The Hammond Accent Chair by Furniture of America is a great piece to have in your space. Whether as a reading chair for the living room or a vanity seat for your bedroom, this will scream Victorian design in your home!



In conclusion, you want more than anything to make your home feel the way you have always dreamed for it to feel. You have had a vision in mind and it is time to bring it to life! The Victorian style could be what takes your home to the next level! To learn more about this style, the elements that will bring it together, and the furnishings to boot, contact Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet today!

Home Storage Options

You would stop at nothing to ensure that your house is beautiful and a place that you are proud to call home. For you to feel at peace when you look at the inside of your home means achieving the pinnacle of making your place of residence a sanctuary. Making your home interior look put together is a great starting block in this equation! However, we all have a lot of stuff in our homes, and what that means is in order to keep a house looking great, you must know how to practice good storage habits. There are some tons of great ways to do this, from buying in stores to taking the DIY approach. Let’s look at some of the ways you can achieve better storage in your home.


DIY Idea #1

With certain items in our life arsenal, attempts at organizing can end up making for a bigger, more tangled mess in the end. With items like scarves, neck ties, necklaces, and more, there is certainly a more effective way of storing them other than throwing them in a jewelry box or a shelf in the closet. By hanging a pegboard, arranged with hooks for all of your items to be stored, you give yourself a cool, functional, way to organize and showcase your items. Whether, in your bedroom closet, your entryway, or your kitchen as a way to keep cooking utensils in order, this is a fantastic measure to take in order to straighten up your belongings and provide easy access all at once. To learn more about how to easily build and best utilize this DIY project to keep your home organized, check out Lookie What I Did, here!



Storage Piece Idea #1

Sometimes it is not the items in that house that are causing the messes. Sometimes it’s the people in our homes that should be held accountable. We love our children with all our hearts…but when it comes to making messes, they are dang good at what they do! Give them a bedroom setup that will make de-cluttering fun and easy! The Trinell Twin Loft Bed by Signature Design by Ashley is the perfect piece to accomplish this. With storage underneath the bedframe itself, as well as under each step of the ladder into the bed, there is no shortage of storage for your children to put their things. Check it out here, and enjoy clean spaces from your kids.



DIY Idea #2

Sometimes the little things in our lives can prove to make the biggest, most out-of-control clutterers. Then, they go missing because we can’t remember where we left them, and everything from there is a massive stress mess! Find a better way to drop off your mail, keys, wallet, or any other items that you need to store but also be able to access conveniently when needed. By placing cool, mini to mid-sized decorative shelving nooks like the one displayed, you can know exactly where you put your things last, stay organized, and have a good-looking custom piece all at once. Integrate this shelving system in any room in your house to add a cool touch of storage and style in your spaces. Check out the link here to see this item by The Curiosity Shoppe in use as well as how to quickly and easily construct this cool DIY project!



Storage Piece Idea #2

Your living room is a place of gathering in your home. However, it has  the potential to also be the messiest place in your house. With remotes, cables, blankets, and more, keeping everything in order can definitely be a tall order. Integrate some seamless storage methods in your living room. One great option is the Hodan Ottoman with Storage by Signature Design by Ashley. The piece is hollow, leaving room for storing items in the compartment left in it. Furthermore, the lid of the piece has a tray feature on its bottom side, which, when flipped over, makes for a great place to put any items you need to set down while relaxing in your living space. Check out this piece here, and enjoy a good looking, simplified way of keeping your living room neat and tidy!



DIY Idea #3

Making your bathroom uncluttered, what with towels and toiletries, can be quite the daunting task. Furthermore, making your bathroom even look appealing in the slightest can also prove to be a rather large challenge. Find a way to tackle all of these to-do’s all at once. By simply repurposing baskets, whether they be wire, wicker, or otherwise, you can adhere them to the walls to create makeshift shelves as a neat way to store all of your bathroom items. Keeping your bathrooms neat has never been easier. And heck, this same idea could be applied to other spaces in your home as well, like your laundry room, walk-in pantry, and more, it doesn’t have to stop at bathrooms! Follow the link here to find out how to put this easy storage solution together and get your spaces organized right away! It goes to show that getting your home in order doesn’t have to be painstaking!




In conclusion, it is imperative that you do all that you can to get your home storage situated in order to preserve the beautiful state of your home all together. There are loads of cool and fun DIY ways to build storage for your home as well as countless other furniture options to get the job done and done right! To learn more about great storage methods to incorporate into your home, contact the experts at Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet today!


Setting Your Spaces Up For Success: Bedroom

You want your home to be beautiful, that is an honest to goodness given upon which we can all agree. Looks and aesthetics are key in making a home look and feel the way you have always desired. However, good looks can only get you so far. You need to make your home functional as well! Every space or space in your home has a function or a purpose, and to get the most out of you home, setting those spaces up to best achieve that purpose is crucial. Today, we’ll dive into how to make your bedroom a functional working space to best achieve the purposes associated with it.


Bed Situation

Okay, so what is the primary purpose of your room exactly? It is where we spend the majority of our time and take care of a few essential tasks. While it may have different uses, it ultimately boils down to this space being meant for one thing above all else: Sleep! That being the case, you want to make sure that your bed within your bedroom is optimized for comfort. Get a comfortable mattress that will be good for your nightly eight hours, put a comforter mattress on it, some high quality pillows and provide yourself with the means to get your best night’s sleep every night.

While having a comfortable bed fulfills the bedroom function of getting a good night’s sleep, you want to also consider how your bed affects the rest of your bedroom functions. Every morning, you get ready in your room, you read in your room, you decompress in your room. For that reason, you need to ensure that your space is optimized, and that means finding the right placement for the largest piece of furniture in your room, being your bed. Based on different bedroom shapes and sizes, an ideal setup can vary. To get a good idea of how to place your bed in your room to optimize space, check out this article from Today for some cool ideas!


Haves: What You Should Have In Your Room

Vanity with A Big Mirror

Each morning, you do your hair, makeup for some, get dressed, and do all that you can to be as presentable as possible before you walk out that front door. I am sure we are all too familiar with the process of putting on an outfit, going to bathroom to check it out, being less than satisfied, going back to your room to try something else on, and repeating the process. Break that cycle and simply get what you need in your room in order to get dressed and ready for success! A vanity with a mirror will give you the surface space and reflection to do what you must all in one effective space in the room.

Reading Area

While your room is used for the necessary time of rest each night and the necessary function of getting ready each morning and night, your room also serves other functions. One in particular is being your place of refuge. Devise a space within your room that can be devoted to relaxing, whether it be reading, writing, or whatever other peaceful activities you may have in mind. If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, don’t be discouraged, find a way to work with the bits of space you have. If enough room for a chaise chair, great, but if only an armchair will do given your space, still great! As long as you make it a priority to make a tranquil space for your room, you’re doing yourself a great service!


Have-Nots: What You Should NOT Have In Your Room


Quick jump back to the sleeping function of your room. Sure you want to make your room lively for the creative or relaxing things you do within it, but you do not want to have anything in your space that could be a detriment to that primary function of your room. The worst thing you could have in your room is a television. It is not good for your sleep or for the integrity of your bedroom decor, so it is best just to cut ties with having this distraction in your room. It will be a hard habit to kick, having a television in your room, but the quality of your sleep is worth it!


Storage Situation

Your bedroom has the most potential for being a place for serenity and peace in your home. Equally so, it can also be the exact opposite, a total mess, if you do not have the proper means to keep clothing, accessories, and other belongings organized. You need to up your storage game! For your clothes, start by assessing how much you own in your wardrobe. From there, you will know how much you need to stow away and can decide just how big of a dresser you will need. Check out the Gabriella Dresser by Signature Design by Ashley! It is sure to look good in your space and keep your clothing from cluttering up the place!

Make sure that you have a good place to store your other essentials as well. Your phone, wallet, keys, books, notepads, and other things need a place to call home within your bedroom. A beautiful nightstand will perfectly suffice in adding some convenient additional storage for the small items with big necessity. Something that matches your dresser and the tone of your room to provide the function of great aesthetics along with the fulfillment of storage. Get your furnishings functional!



In conclusion, the rooms in your home all serve a function, and your bedroom is certainly no different. To best equip your bedroom to satisfy the needs for which it is meant takes special consideration, attention, and the right insights. While the outlined tips and ideas are only a few ways to succeed in making your bedroom more functional, there is still a lot more to be accomplished. To learn more about the furnishings and know-how to make your bedroom or any part of your home more functional, contact the experts at Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet today!

Autumn Home Design: Bedroom

Autumn is still in the air as November continues to move on by! So you still have all of the chances in the world to keep making moves towards reaching maximum Autumn seasonal decor. We have touched on how to make areas in your home, such as your kitchen and bathroom spaces, feel more like fall, but there is still more ground to covered. You start and end everyday of your life in the same place, your bedroom! So why not incorporate that Autumn decor into your room? Let’s talk about some of the ways to Autumn-ize your bedroom to really get into the season!


Colors and Lighting

The colors in your spaces are important to bringing your vision together. When it comes to decorating your bedroom to fit the Autumn vibe, this is especially the case. But let’s not jump into your poppy colors just yet! First, ensure that you have a solid, neutral foundation. For walls and other elements, this will make it easy to switch out your decor with each season, and since it is still your bedroom, it will keep things from being too busy looking as you try to relax in your space. So, think beiges, white, creams, etc, and then build up the fun color elements!



Next, look outside and see what colors you find with this fall season. What do you see? You see deep reds and maroons, golden yellows, oranges, and some utterly beautiful colors. Capture those colors and bring them into your home. Accent pieces such as frames, lamp shades, throw pillows, and more are great ways to invite the outdoor colors in and harness the look of the season within your bedroom space. In addition to the color of your room, sometimes you do not want to see your room in a different light, literally! To give a dim vibe, utilized strand or icicle lighting, turn off the ceiling lights, and enjoy some serene vibes!


Outdoor Elements Inside

When it comes to bringing outside influence to the inner spaces of your home, there is no need to stop at colors alone to achieve the Autumn feel in your home. The fragile, peaceful feeling of Fall can be captured in far more ways than one, by far! One great way to express yourself and make your bedroom space look like Autumn is to showcase Autumn photography or artwork of any sort. This could be either pieces you have made yourself or images you found elsewhere, black and white or colored, different mediums, anything that you may have just happened to fall in love with.



Onto the absolute subtleties that will make a world of a difference! Craft and construct ways to showcase the season! Using materials like pine cones, leaves, dry twigs, and much more, you can really embody the spirit of the fall season. Not only will this look great when presented optimally, but it will also tentalize other senses. Smell is our sense that is most closely tied with feelings and emotions, so by having these natural materials in your bedroom, you see and smell them, further manifesting the Autumn vibes! For these reasons, be observant of your surroundings as you are out and about this Autumn. Take pieces of the inspiration home with you and feel Autumn in your home!



So this blog is about your bedroom, so if we were to glance over the actual sleeping arrangements, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs and would be doing you a massive disservice. Let’s talk bedding. Not only are you going to want your bedding situation to reflect the season visually, you also want the elements of it to be functional for other purposes. For aesthetics sake, as well as the functionality of keeping warmth and comfort up and temperatures go down, quilt it up! Flannel quilts and blankets are great for draping over your bed and chairs in your room to give you the look and touch of Autumn!



Although the quilted blanket will add a nice touch, you’re going to need some legitimate bed sheets to give you great sleep when you need it and great looks as you go to bed and wake up. The Raleda King Comforter Set is exactly what you are looking for to pull together that Autumn look! With burnt orange colors and the comfort of a fluffy polyester and cotton blend, you’ll get the sleep of your dreams every night, and a set that will sing ‘Autumn’! Check this option and more out in store or online with Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet.



In conclusion, Autumn is still upon us and we still have time to embrace the season within our homes. Your bedroom, being the sanctuary it is, requires special attention to fit the decor so that you can be at comfortable in it as possible! While there is still much more that can be done to Autumn-ize your bedroom, take the tips provided here as a launch point for more in depth decor to come! As you continue to grasp seasonal home decor and furnishings, trust the experts at Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet with all of your furniture and home renovation needs!