Optimizing Your Bedroom Space

Within your entire home, there is one space in particular that stands out as being the utmost in importance, utility, and potential for design expression. Your bedroom takes the cake as being one room that trumps many others. For that reason, it is important that you set that space up for success, instead of merely slapping it all together and hoping to be happy with it. So today, let’s dive into the ways to optimize your bedroom to get as much out of it and be as happy with it as possible!


Comfortable Sleeping Conditions

Keep Cool

The successful setup of a bedroom space starts with comfort. Ultimately, the goal of a bedroom is to be comfortable, in terms of feeling physically good as well as feeling cozy and at home with the aesthetics surrounding you. On the sleep end of things, you want to make sure that the conditions in your room as right for getting great sleep. A cool sleeping space is a good sleeping space. Not only will it prove more comfortable, but it is also scientifically proven to be better for your sleep. So keep a fan on, keep the window cracked, do what you can to make the space nice and cool and get ready for a good night’s sleep.

Dark or Light When Appropriate

To have a dark bedroom will obviously mean that you will get better sleep. That is a no-brainer. However, many people still opt to fall asleep with the television on, which will not benefit your sleep in any way, shape, or form. So for the sake of your sleep, keep a television out of the design equation. While you want things dark at night, it is not a bad idea to allow the outside light in once it rears its head in the morning. To rise and set with the sun in your sleep could be beneficial to your psyche and your overall bodily sleep cycle. Keep things dark for the time you are asleep, but allow natural outdoor lighting to serve as a partial alarm clock. Give it a go, you’ll be surprised with the positive effects.

Keep Clean

A clean bed is a comfortable bed. As long as you have scheduling on the brain as you are considering your sleep schedule within your bedroom design, you may as well devise a cleaning schedule for your bed sheets. Come up with specific days or parts of days that you would be able to set aside for some bedroom TLC time, so as to keep it nice, clean feeling, and comfortable.

Proper Mattress and Bedding

Now comes the apparent part. If you do not have a proper bed and bedding, you will not get your best sleep possible! Period! Take the time to research mattresses that compliment your body best. Try out different products by different brands. Don’t settle for something that does not feel right! In order to find all of the best mattresses and the best insight for choosing a mattress, look no further than Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet. Start by checking here!


Comfortable Design

Sleeping Space

Your bedroom space needs to be set up in a way that will make sense for all of its associated functions. Separate your space into sleeping space and bedroom living space and then tackle optimizing both of those spaces. In regards to your sleeping space, make sure that your bed and corresponding nightstands are placed in a part of the room where they are not holding up traffic so to speak. Set up your bed arrangement in a place where it will be out of the way of everything else that could go on in your bedroom and so that nothing else going on impedes your comfort when in bed.

Bedroom Living Space

Your bedroom isn’t just for sleeping. It is for getting ready in the morning. It is for escaping the rest of the world or even the rest of your home when you just want to be to yourself. So design your bedroom with that space in mind. If you leave yourself only enough space to sleep and don’t arrange your room for enough space to do other things, your room could be left feeling a little suffocating. Consider how your relaxing hobbies could be integrated into this space and then execute.


One thing that we will always stress is the fact that in order to really, wholly enjoy a space, you must keep it free from clutter. So in your bedroom, you have to keep things neat and tidy or else you may end up dreading being in the space, which is something you absolutely do not want! So maintain good cleaning and organizing habits and stick to them!



In conclusion, your bedroom is your sanctuary and is meant to be your place of refuge when you need to escape from all else. So treat it right and optimize it to be able to achieve the most out of it. To learn more about bedroom furnishings and the insights necessary to make the best bedroom possible, contact the pros at Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet today!

Spring Bedroom Decor

Design your bedroom space to fit the feeling of the season! The beautiful Spring essence doesn’t have to just be something you must peer through your window to see and experience. You can bring that outdoor vibe indoors. In this week’s blog installment, we will dive into some of the things you can do within your bedroom space to achieve the Spring appeal. Let’s dive in!


Color Palettes

One of the most apparently attention-grabbing senses that we, as humans, have is our sense of sight. The things that we see bring about association for us and when we see things, we can pair them directly with how it makes us feel. So in your bedroom, start with the aesthetic of colors within the space.

While it is apparent that colors make a world of a difference in the way your spaces look, the much less apparent thing is what combination of colors to use in executing your vision in real life. It is not always super intuitive to look at a space and know immediately exactly how it should look in terms of color. To have additional tools and insights to get an idea of how to proceed can definitely be a HUGE help!

Here is a great tool to help simplify the color palette creation process. https://creativemarket.com/blog/15-fresh-color-palettes-for-spring

Check it out and see what cool ideas you can use within your home.



A key element of Spring decor is to provide a sense of nonchalance. Make everything look very seamless and effortless. The secret is you’ll be putting a lot of work into making things look that way, and that’s what will be the difference between you just carelessly decorating your space and you making your space look intentionally relaxed.

One great way to achieve this is to look to the wooden pieces within your home. If you have some old dressers, headboards and footboards, and more, consider distressing them to give them that feel. Start by painting them a color that will correspond nicely with the colors you picked out for the walls or major attributes of the space, as previously mentioned, and then sand off some of the excess, showing some of the raw wood through the sanded paint. This will give you that nonchalant that goes hand in hand so nicely with Spring home decor.


Nightstand Decor

In many bedrooms, finding the space to put things that express you or express your design ideas can be a tricky task. At any rate, and in almost any case, the few surfaces that you can rely on to always have this space is atop nightstands and dressers. So take advantage of that space!

Similar to the paint in your distressing project, think about what colorful things you can put on these surfaces that match your Spring color scheme and make it feel that much more seasonal. Flowers are an obvious winner! Picture frames that are done in pastel tones of those aforementioned colors will also work super well and allow for the personal touch of family or friend photos. Ultimately, just do not allow the surfaces in your bedroom space to go underutilized, when they could be put to use as showcases for your Spring decor.


Fun Accents

The ways to Spring up your space are not always so obvious. Sometimes it takes a little bit of thinking outside of the box. Think about the cool additional features that you can add to your space to make it stand out and feel unique. We’ll approach this by looking up and looking down.

Your fan blades could definitely use an upgrade. Consider some cool looking wood or faux-wood blades to give a sense of natural elements being incorporated. This will make a major difference in the appeal of your bedroom, that you’ll only realize as being a significant change once it is implemented. Give it a try!

Now take a look at the floors. A cool bamboo area rug with provide the look and feel of a Spring space. It will also serve as a really great space distinguisher, meaning it will break up different parts of your bedroom, making it feel more spacious. So for all intents and purposes, a bamboo area rug could be the addition you need to create your best Spring bedroom possible.



In conclusion, it is always a great idea to attempt to apply the feel of the season within your indoor spaces. It gives the sensation of space, aesthetic attractiveness, and cohesion. Take the ideas expressed here today and come up with some ideas all your own to bring the seasonal feel into your home. And remember, for all things furniture and home decor insights, contact the pros at Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet!

Contemporary Design Template

Your home is yours to explore and to create into whatever in the world you desire it to be. You can follow a specific style palette or your can go off and do something all your own if that is what you crave for your home design. Either way, it always helps to have some guidance through the process to come up with new ideas to apply in your space. For that reason, today, we’re going to dig into one of the more popular design categories, Contemporary design, pick apart some of its prime attributes, and see if any of these ideas will help in bringing your home to life the way you wish.


Lots of light

If you are planning on doing some real hardcore home renovation, enlarging windows will be a great way to achieve this. It will bring in more light and make your space feel absolutely huge! So, if you are in the market for a major renovation, this may fit the bill. For those that are unable to do a full out renovation, busting down walls and all for more light, the strategic placement of mirrors within your space will achieve a similar aesthetic for you. No matter how you accomplish it, make moves to bring more light into your space, ultimately making your space feel larger and more welcoming!



The notion of clean within your home is two-fold. The first fold is with the way that you subdue your spaces and the second is how you flatter your spaces. Allow us to explain further.

Subduing your space means keeping certain things out of view. Any home has its fair share of random items, pieces, cords, cables, papers, and more scattered all over the place. The goal of subduing this is to quite literally aim to keep your home neat, orderly, and clean. Hide any semblance of things that could be clutter-worthy or detract from a nice, sleek design, and make way for your Contemporary look to shine through.

The second fold of clean cognizance in your home is to think about clean looking design in your actual furnishings and layout. Straight, geometric lines and shapes around your home will be key in executing the look. Consider sharp looking pieces, as opposed to more traditional looking pieces with added detail and nuance. The more simplified looking the better!



Texture is a big part of the way that a space or spaces look and feel. So how do you achieve a specific texture within a space? You look to the materials being used. Rich hardwoods and metals with character are great options for creating a feeling in your space. As for woods, finding the exact types of wood that you like or a specific grain that stands out will make your space authentic to you. Same with metals. Do you like a clean stainless steel or a more industrial rot iron? Pick what works for you and apply it in your home.

One important thing to bear in mind is how your materials interact with one another. Think about the contrast among materials. If you have light steel countertops, complement that with dark hardwood cabinetry and cupboards, then add a nice light flooring material. There is no shortage of the combinations you can make by doing this, the important thing is that you get creative with contrasting materials to come up with something super cool looking in your Contemporary home.



It is not enough to have contrasting materials, you want something that stands out! Along with the materials that present their respective darks and lights within your space, think about what you can add to satisfy the role of initial attention grabber. Based on your own personal taste, consider a color or pair of complementary colors that will help you drive the point home that your home is outstanding! Kind of like your touch or signature on your home. What is going to be serve as the eye-catching, attention grabbing color within each or all of you spaces?



In conclusion, you want to make your space feel like home to you. No matter your approach, whether it be sticking to a specific design type or doing your own thing entirely, it is always helpful to have some guidance in the process. For additional insights in bringing your home to life, as well as finding the best furnishings at the best prices, talk to the pros at Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet today!

Do’s and Don’ts of Decluttering

At Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; your home is only as great as the clutter in it allows it to be. Meaning, if you have a lot of clutter, your home is being held back from being all that it can be. Today, we’ll outline some of the do’s and don’t’s for you to consider while decluttering your home. Let’s dive into this!



Do address every storage space in your home. Although storage can be a good thing for our homes, we typically abuse these spaces by just throwing absolutely anything and everything into them, and eventually they become our biggest messes. Make it a point each day to peruse at least one drawer or one cupboard section and address any signs of clutter. This little step will go a long way.



Don’t immediately think to buy things to hold your stuff, if you can downsize on the number of things in your life, do that first before considering buying more things for your home. The first instinct may be to buy storage, but that isn’t always the most appropriate measure to take. However, there are times that more storage is absolutely the needed step, in which case, you know you can find all of the best storage at Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet!



Do keep trash cans in the various rooms of your home. This may make for more work come trash day, but relative to the amount of time that it will save in your decluttering efforts, it will absolutely pale in comparison. By doing this, you take away the time it would take for you to second guess whether or not you should throw something away. If we don’t toss something the minute we think to do so, we could end up trying to find a reason to cling to it. So don’t allow yourself that time, have disposing options at the ready. Doing this will also simply keep all of your spaces looking good, always! That’s reason enough.



Don’t try to be perfect. There is a saying that goes, “done is better than perfect”. If you are attempting to make your home absolutely perfect, then you can go ahead and keep dreaming, because there will always be something upon which you can improve. Focus on simply completing the decluttering project you have in a mind and move onto the next task at hand, or else you’ll end up wasting more time than anything else.



Do consider how important it is that you hang onto the sentimental things in your life. That chotsky that your grandmother got you, although it is just a chotsky, it still means something to you, but it is still cluttering up your space. This of ways to cling to it without having it weigh down your space. If you can recycle an item into a cool decorative piece that doesn’t busy up your space, then cool, do that! If you can’t devise any sort of way to make sense of your the item in your space, thank goodness we live in an age where cameras as readily at our disposal! Take a picture of the item by which to remember it and relay the item to someone that may have more of a use for it.  



Don’t think that decluttering is something that should be taken care of all in once. It is something that will best serve you if done on a regular, recurring, consistent basis. This will establish it as an at-home habit and keep your home looking good for longer. If you only clean or declutter once in a while, your home will only be at its best once in a while. If you are consistent in your decluttering, your home will consistently be beautiful!



In conclusion, your home can only reach its full potential once you have your clutter in check! Take some of the ideas expressed here today and apply them within your home, and also see what cool new methods of clutter management you can come up with! As always, for all of your home furnishings needs and insights, trust the pros at Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet!

Optimizing Your Home Office

Time to TBC! Take care of business! While your home is a place to feel relaxed, comfortable, and…well…at home, to some, it may also be a place of business. Working from home has become a more and more prevalent thing over the years, meaning people have shifted from their office buildings to home office spaces. For that reason, today we’ll talk over some considerations to make and things to do in order to optimize on your home office!


Desk Area

Okay, so you are in your home office for a reason, let’s start by focusing on that primary task at hand; the fact that you will be putting in WORK in this space! Within your workspace, you need a workstation, a cockpit, a desk! Really think about what your needs would be based on the type of work you do. If you are a creative, you want a desk space that accommodates that, a journalist, same deal, fit the bill of your work with a desk that makes sense for you!

Not only is the desk itself important, but so is comfort while sitting at your desk. Think about it, you will be sitting at your desk for roughly eight hours a day, most likely more, so the last thing you want is to have an achy body from an entire day of sitting uncomfortable, day after day after day. Along with a desk that will be perfect for your work, grab a chair that will be perfect for YOU and make you feel great, even after a full day’s work!


Meeting Area

Work is not always a solo activity, even when you are conducting it from home. To have something integrated into your space to accommodate meetings will take your home office to the next level. Although it is an exaggerated example, take the oval office for instance. You have a desk for singular work, and then a sort of round-table couch setup for meetings with others. Although replicating the oval office will be difficult, work with that idea of having a space within your space that is dedicated to conducting business with others, or just simply welcoming others in when you feel like having some company.



Having great furnishings in your home office is all well and good, but could you believe that there is a way that they could actually impede the functionality of this space? If you do not have a reasonable layout that is conducive for your work, then you’re just going to be doing that much more work even simply trying to get the main tasks completed.

Come up with a system that works. If you work from your desk and you find yourself needing to sift through specific items on a rather frequent basis throughout the work day, make sure you have things laid out where what you need most often is within arms reach and that the things that aren’t needed as often and kept in a sensible place, with no need to be beside you at all times. Ultimately, having everything laid out in a way that fosters efficiency and productivity is key!


Make It About YOU!

Lastly, but most importantly, remember who it is that you are designing this home office for: YOU! For that reason, it is imperative that you think specifically about your needs and your needs alone, assuming you are the sole user of the space, and cater it to you. Creativity and productivity and a sense of comfort are achieved differently by everybody, so your perfect vision of a home office should not be compromised. Make an office that is all about you and get the most out of this space!



In conclusion, in a time where working from home is more prevalent, having a proper design will make all the difference. Take some of these ideas, apply them within your soon-to-be office and get stoked on getting to work! To learn more about how to optimize your home office configuration, contact the pros at Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet today!

Put Some Spring In Your Kitchen’s Step

Spring is still upon us, meaning we still have the opportunity to make our home reflect the feeling outside as well as the sentimental feeling of the season in the past. Bring that feeling to life! This week, we’re going to break down three simple tips to take your kitchen space from crawling to walking with a good ole SPRING in its step!


Reset your Dining and Kitchen Table

The first thing that you will want to do is give your tables some much needed attention. They are either still decked out to match the winter season or they may just be left with no semblance of style at all and just need a fresh start altogether. That being said, tackle the tables first.

There are three things that you could quickly and easily change out to immediately get the desired impression that you would like for you eating spaces. Start by changing out the table cloth. Something of a lighter color and fabric will work really nicely in giving the spring feel. Next, look down…and your table seating. Create chair cushions from fabric that matches the table cloth. This will tie together the duo of table and chairs super well and have guests and yourself pleasantly surprised every time you pull out the chair to sit. Lastly, add a centerpiece, even if it is as simple as a bouquet of flowers, it will do the trick. And just like that, the ensemble is complete!


Walls and Wall Art

Your walls surround you when you are inside of a space. So you might as well make those borders look as great and exciting as you possibly can! Start with the bare walls. A fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive, effective, and fun way to bring the space to life in a new light. Try a soft yellow or a soft blue to achieve great spring feelings when you are in the kitchen, or see what colors could work for you!

Not only do the walls matter, but what is on them does as well! Easily hang wall art in your kitchen and dining space, wherever it best fits and is most appropriate. Maybe hang up images of outdoor spring landscapes or birds, anything that just brings the spring to life in the space. Also be sure to pay mind to the details as well. The framing on your wall art will pop best and match the optimally by painting the frame white. Give it a try, you’ll totally see how it just naturally stands out!


Natural Elements

Unfinished, rustic, or distressed natural materials are a popular look today. And even more so, they are an effective way to spring up your kitchen and dining space! Wood materials of any sort are likely to be the best mode of achieving this. Take reclaimed wood and make a cutting board, create simple shelving to display photos and relics of the family, and experiment to see what else you can achieve with this wonder element! Not to mention that pairing this with the decked out walls and table settings is going to tie everything together super nicely!



In conclusion, you can achieve a feeling of the season by taking baby steps, instead of feeling the need to bend over backwards to get there. Give some of these tips a try, and heck, come up with some ideas all your own as well! We’re excited to see what you come up with. And remember, for all of your home furnishing needs and insights, turn to the pros at Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet.

Spring Break Home Renovations

For a lot of families, right now is the time when the kids are out of school and the whole family can finally get to those things that they have been putting off for so very long. Some people enjoy vacations. Some people just enjoy relaxation time. And many people want, at long last, to tackle those major home renovation projects! But sometimes it can be overwhelming to look at a week worth of time and get it all done. So let’s zone in on some of the specific home improvement projects you can do this Spring Break!



Let’s face it, it could be debilitatingly overwhelming to think about all of the things you could renovate or update within your home. So for some, you might just want to start with one bare-bones projects that will be simplistic, inexpensive, and could actually prove to be really fun! Painting your home is just the task for you! In doing this, you can quickly revitalize your home by just adding some new colors. Add some dashes of soft yellow to convey happiness within a space. Soft greens and blues will bring the natural outdoor essence into your home. Find a look that will feel good to you and go for it!


Hardwood Flooring

Sometimes looking up isn’t such a good thing. Oftentimes, the most overlooked and under-considered parts of our homes lie right beneath our feet. Laminate flooring can get dingey and warped and your carpet can get matted to the point of roughness, which is entirely unpleasant altogether! In whatever parts of your home you see fit, make the jump and switch things up to hardwood flooring! With tongue-and-groove style installation, you could get all of the rooms in your home done in even just one afternoon. That is one straightforward renovation that will have a major impact once completed! If tile is more your speed, you could do that instead. Either way, give those floors a facelift!


Outdoors Living Space and Landscaping

The exterior of your home matters! Do not disregard or ignore it! While the weather is beautiful this Spring Break, chalk it up as an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: enjoying the outdoors and creating something absolutely awesome for the outside of your home! You can go all out by laying out an entire garden paradise or just take on some smaller outside projects such as power washing the patio or weeding, which will still pack a huge aesthetic punch!



Whether inside or your home or the exterior space, picking out new furnishings and furniture arrangements can be loads of fun! It gives you the opportunity to look at a space for what it currently is and envision it for all that it could be!

Now, we know what you’re thinking, “surely this must be pricey”. With Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet, it doesn’t have to be! With our low price guarantee, financing options, and our current offer of $50 off when you purchase $500 or more in furniture when you sign up for our email list, you are given more ways to get incredible furnishings into your home or exterior than ever before! So make it happen!



In conclusion, if you want to really seize this Spring Break week and improve your home and life all in one fell swoop, you can do just that! Take these ideas and see how you can implement them in your home and see what new renovation ideas you come up with altogether! And as always, for all home renovations and insights, trust the pros at Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet!

Spring Up Your Living Space!

Daylight Savings has come, we have all begun to adjust to the things that correspond with this time of year. Waking up an hour earlier, recalibrating our lives, and of course matching our lifestyles to fit the season. That means taking down any of that leftover winter decor that you may still have lurking around your home. Let’s talk about how you can now put some spring in your home’s step, starting with your living room!



The white that has probably been representative of your walls for some time now… Yeah, it can come down now! Let’s look to some other colors that can now take its place. For your walls, look to soft, but creative and productive colors. Consider a soft yellow to convey the feeling you want for you space. Then take all of the trim that you find in this part of your home, and default it to white. This will give some dimension to your living room and really pop out that yellow that you have going on.

As always, we have to think lighting as well! Keep your curtains drawn open for the spring, as you can really bring the feeling of the season into your home simply by allowing the outdoor lighting indoors. So throw those curtains to the side!…but don’t neglect them! For spring’s sake, you can add an additional pop of color to your curtains. A soft green or soft blue will add brightness, as well as a sense of more space to your living too, so have some fun with the colors!


Living Decor: Plants

Fresh starts, rejuvenation, and a sense of rebirth are all entirely synonymous with the notion of the spring season. With that being the case, deck out your living room space with items that are also synonymous with that. Having decorative plants throughout this space are going to really make it pop and feel loads more homey. Plus it will give you a cool and fun built-in home project as well! How fun!


Lighten Up

With spring comes warmer weather. With warmer weather comes the need to change out the fabrics you have around your home to sort of cool things down some. Your curtains, while changed out as previously mentioned, should not only be changed out for different colors, but also for lighter fabrics. This will give a sense of cooling in the space. Any blankets that you have should also provide a lighter and cooler feel too.


Put those thick and plush winter rugs and show them the way into storage. Find a new rug in its place, both literally and figuratively speaking, that brings about a cooling sense instead of the warming feel of your previous rug. Find a nice contrasting color to your floor that also corresponds with the rest of your color scheme. Your whole room will feel refreshed and comfortable relative to the season!



Now that the winter season has concluded, people will start to come out of their hibernation stage. Folks will be expecting gatherings, open houses, dinner parties, and more. So you need to make sure that you living room space is in gear for all of the socializing! You are going to need a nice table for that lovely living space you got there!

To give a cohesive look to your space that also fits the vibe of the spring season, Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet has you covered. The Wilder Occasional Table Set by Signature Design by Ashley is a great collection that will breathe fresh life into your space and instill the essence of spring! Bring it home today!



What good is a living room if it does not offer any great, comfortable seating? Trick question, it is no good! Continue to brighten and liven up your space by reflecting your furniture to feel more ‘spring’! The Milari Linen Sofa and Loveseat will give you the comfort you need in a living space along with the look that is necessary to look and feel good this spring. Check it out as well as many other great sets at Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet.



In conclusion, spring has finally sprung and your home should reflect this new and blooming season. To learn more about best practices to deck your home out to fit the season, be sure to contact the experts at Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet today!

More Decluttering Methods

We have so many things within our lives. So many objects that can, on the drop of a hat, turn from pleasant conversation pieces within our homes to the biggest downfall of our home’s state of order. Keeping your clutter minimized should always be a thought in your mind, so as to keep your home as enjoyable as possible. But we all may have things getting in the way of us decluttering. Let’s dive into some ways to approach cluttering given your specific circumstances.


Decluttering When You Have The Time

Decluttering can be a rather time consuming endeavor. Whether you are an organizing novice or a seasoned veteran, keeping an organized living arrangement makes for a large time commitment. Sometimes, people are too bogged down with all of life’s commitments and taking the time out to really dive into your decluttering projects can seem like an impossibility. To anybody with the time to dive into decluttering, we have a method for you!

10-10-10 Method

The idea of this method is to take the time out and really try to hone in on problem items. What you will do here is attempt to find 10 items that you feel right in throwing away, 10 items that you see as potentially useful to someone else so  you opt to donate, and 10 items that are still useful to your home but just need to be returned to their home within your home. Take your time with this, do it across multiple spaces in your home, and you’ll find your place immediately more organized.


Decluttering When You Don’t Have The Time

While you may, from time to time, have the availability to be able to do a deep clean and organizing session on your place, that is not always the reality. With life being as packed as it is, finding the time to declutter your space is not easy, but if you prioritize, it can be done.

Prioritize Your Messes

If you don’t have the time to do a really thorough, deep clean, prioritize one mess in particular that you want to knock out before all else and just address that. If you focus on that single task instead of trying to do it all. You could either assign a specific room, a pile that has been getting out of hand, or anything specific goal project you have in mind with a short timeframe.


Decluttering On a Serious Budget

A quick and inexpensive option for storing away your clutter is always a good option. It works for any lifestyle or budget and still gets the job done right! So what are some good budget options to efficiently and cost-effective store you items?

Hung Door Pockets

Do you know those good old fashioned pocket hangers for the back of your door? Well those could just be your best friend for some quick consolidation for little money. Throw this up behind a door in any of your spaces and think of the items you could effectively catalog within it to keep your actual space neat and tidy.


Developing A Mindset For Long Term Clutter-Resolution

One of the best possible things that you could do in an effort to keep your home clean, neat, and pleasant is to rewire your way of thinking to accommodate a more organized lifestyle altogether. A single piece of advice alone can prove capable of starting a chain reaction of organization within your home.

Get Things off of The Ground

When we are rushed or busy, we can tend to lose sight of the little time-savers we take in an effort to take care of what needs be done. Oftentimes, this comes in the form of us throwing things on the floor. The clothes in our room, on the floor. Our jackets as we walk in from outside, dropped on the foyer floor. To simply keep the floors in your space will provide you the proper mindset to stay decluttered as well as free up enough space to encourage someone to go the extra mile to keep spaces clean. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. So, keep things off the floor!



In conclusion, clutter can creep in at any time. You need to take the proper precautions to ensure that that does not occur. Take these tips and apply them within your home and find your own creative ways to keep things in order at home. To learn more insights on decluttering, contact the experts at Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet!


Setting Up Your Creative Space for Success!

The spaces in our homes all have their apparent purposes. Our kitchen is where we create wonderful dishes and enjoy family time together. Our living room is where we kick back and relax at the end of each day. Our bedrooms provide us the peace and solitude that we need when we want to escape the stresses of life. But we need something else. We need a space to be creative! For that reason, today we will go over how to set up your creative space for success.


Look and Feel

The goal for this space is strictly to get creative! With that being the goal in mind, you need to ensure that you can even get yourself into the proper headspace in order to do just that! For that reason, the look and feel being optimal for the space is crucial to the effectiveness of your creative area.

In terms of look, you want your space to be inspiring. The last thing you want is to be surrounding by bleak visuals that all lend themselves to you feeling anything but excited or inspired. Make the space look great! Use bright and vibrant colors, allow the light to shine in, heck, if you can even help it, try to set up your creative space in an area of your home with a good external view just to add some extra liveliness to the space.

In terms of feel, you want comfortable. Simple as that! Have everything set up in a way that is functional, flows nicely, does not make your feel boxed in, and just really make it feel like a space where you can go hard to the creative grind stone.


Ample Storage

Do you know what hinders creativity and productivity unlike anything else? Having clutter all over your space. Not only will clutter stunt your ability to think creatively, it will leave you not even wanting to spend time in the space that you had dedicated for the activities that you love most.

No matter what you do in your creative space, chances are you will have a lot of excess materials. If you’re painting, you will have paint supplies. If you are doing music to some capacity, you will have load of sheet music to manage. If you are doing simple crafts, the little items that you use to build your crafts will need to be kept in order. Devise a system of keeping things in their place when you are not using them. This will make your space feel better and be more effective for its purpose.


Ample Workspace

The last thing that you want is to feel cramped while you are working on your creative projects. For that reason, you will want to make sure that you have ample workspace. No matter what you are doing, this will be important. Ultimately, the best way to find ample workspace is to hone in on a solid desk of some sort.

Now comes the touch question. What would you need from a desk in your creative space? How much desktop space does it need to have? Does it need to be specialized to your specific craft? Well, no matter what you ask of your creative desk and workspace, Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet has desks for you. Here are a couple that could work for your specific needs!

1) Lexden Secretary Desk

2) Laney Home Office Corner Desk

3) Raventown Home Office Desk

Ample and Comfortable Floor Space

Floor space, huh? Yes! Floor space can be great for certain people with creative outlets. Sometimes it is not enough to sit at your desk and expect to get some serious headway on your projects. Sometimes, you need to take things to the floor. When this becomes the case, be prepared.

To reinforce what was previously stated, you will want to make everything laid out in your space in a way that does not congest the space between. On your floor space, where you have the most vacant space, lay down a nice plush rug to sit comfortably while you work on your creative endeavors, such as laying out photos for an album or written notes for a story board you’re writing up. No matter what, that extra space your floor offers can do you some good. Make sure there is plenty of it and then it is done up for optimal comfort!



In conclusion, it is ideal to have space in your home where you can really let loose and allow the creative juices to flow. Give yourself the gift of a space to do just that, and do it right, designing the space to be optimal for whatever creative outlet you take part in. To learn more about how to most effectively lay out your creative space or the furnishings that will be best for your needs, contact Johnson Furniture Clearance Outlet today!